Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Amazons -- To The Front!

American Amazons -- To The Front!
The Left’s Degradation Of American Women Continues
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Women assigned to frontline combat units is just another way to degrade women and prop-up the lie that women are equal to men -- in all things. Notice – I did say LIE! I admit it. I believe it! That is my opinion.

Now, I am the first to admit that men are not equal to women in a number of things. The first thing to come to mind is childbearing. We simply cannot do that. (Nor do we want to!)

I am convinced it is just another avenue the left has chosen to destroy what used to be the finest military the world has ever known. Today, the US military is quickly becoming second -- behind the Israeli Defense Force.

We can only pray that we will soon have a conservative Commander-in-Chief who will rebuild out military into a war-fighting force rather than the armed peace corps it has been transformed into by the liberal-socialists in the Congress and the White House.

If the current trend continues we will have the best dressed, best equipped, most inclusive military in the world, but -- one, which is unable to fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

With homosexuals able to serve openly in the US military, I expect the country will have no other recourse than to allow women to serve in frontline units! Men, sure as hell, will not want to willingly join a service where homosexuality, a life-style condemned by none other than God, Himself, is accepted.

Oh, did I forget to mention the slaughter of women in frontline combat units? Well, of course, if we only require our military to act as good will ambassadors, charged only with winning the hearts and minds of the enemy (Pardon me while I laugh at “winning the hearts and minds of the enemy!”), and not winning battles or winning wars, then women on the front lines will be OK. Bored to death -- but not shot to death.

On the other hand, should we actually find that we have no other choice but to fire real bullets at an enemy and take incoming fire from said enemy, our women soldiers will be slaughtered.

You may choose to believe Hollywood productions in which tiny women toss men about as if they were dresses piled up on a sales table during a half-price sale, or, you can believe the truth. The truth is: It ain’t possible. Oh, sure, a handful of women can toss an average size man about – but that would be a miniscule number by any stretch of the imagination.

Know this: When ordered to place women in frontline combat positions, the US military WILL DO IT! It is far to politicized to balk and appeal to reason with its civilian commanders. Women will be sacrificed in large numbers before anyone has the cahones to protest that the frontline is no place for a woman – period!

Frontline combat in high intensity warfare is no place for a woman. It is dirty, it is brutal, and it is horrifying. It tears the strongest men to pieces -- physically and mentally. The blood, guts, and gore, the stench of death is everywhere. Once exposed to this degradation a soldier’s mind is forever scared.

Have we Americans become so crass, so insensitive to truth, so ignorant of the laws of nature that we are willing to place who reproduce our species in mortal danger in an attempt to prove an improvable lie that women and men are the same physically, mentally, and emotionally? Societies wishing to survive do not do something this utterly stupid.

Look, the US military needs soldiers who will stare death in the face and still leap toward the enemy as they are being splattered with their friend’s blood and gore, with the dying screams of their buddies to their left and right tearing at their ears through the cacophony of battle and STILL charge forward toward the enemy ripping and tearing his life from him until the battle is won.

Women cannot do that. Most women are not physically capable of performing in such a manner. Most women are not capable of withstanding the dirt, filth, blood, gore, and the pure animalistic bloodlust to kill, to wrench another man’s life from his body as he stares, horrified, into their eyes.

A combat soldier must live the remainder of his life with the memories of what he has done to a fellow human being on the field of battle. Those nightmares live forever. Do we really want the future mothers of our children to suffer from the effects of those mind shattering flashbacks and memories that create a living hell for them when the sounds of the guns cease?

Here in the South, southern boys are taught from early childhood to protect our womenfolk. They are made aware that women are the bearers of our children, that women are chief “child-care” specialists for our children as they are reared. We are taught that women bring civility, gentility, and yes, even religious faith to our society. Our women are more precious than the most priceless of gems. They are the linchpin that holds our society together. Without them – we would be nothing.

A southern soldier’s first reaction in combat will be to make every effort to protect the women in his unit – no matter that those women are also armed and trained to defend themselves. It is nearly instinctual for that southern cavalier to give his life to protect them FIRST, even placing their safety before the success of his mission. The military will have to train that out of him.

That, then begs the question: what kind of man will he become when he returns to his home after having been trained that his mother, his wife, his sister, his daughter is to be treated no differently than his beer-drinking buddies.

The ramifications of women in frontline combat units will have far reaching effects upon American society. There will be an immediate clash with southern culture and, I expect, with the cultures of the other regions of the country as well.

American society is already a near mirror image of the sordid society of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. We have a couple of generations, at least, that have been deeply influenced by the leftists fecal matter pumped into our homes (through television) from the sewer that is the leftist entertainment business. Our movies are profane, pornographic, and titillating. Our mainline religious denominations have surrendered to the leftist ideals of something called “social justice,” which is nothing more than pure Marxism. In short we are disgusting as a civilized society. We have become an embarrassment to ourselves! And yet, we continue our steep slide into the abyss.

Further degradation of American women by placing them in frontline combat units is unacceptable and, by any standards of human decency, should be unthinkable.

J. D. Longstreet

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