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America: On The Brink

America: On The Brink
Freedom Of Speech In Peril
Civil Unrest, Civil Disobedience, Rioting In The Streets Of America To Follow?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The political left in America is playing with fire. As Americans of my generation can tell you our parents warned us many times that playing with fire would get you burned.

The left doesn’t know that. If they do -- they are choosing to ignore it – at their own peril.

So, allow me to lay it out for the left as simply and as plainly as I know how. I apologize for the condescending manner in which this may appear, but, it seems the only way to get through the thick wall between the unrealistic world in which the left lives and the REAL world, where the rest of us live, calls for measures normally reserved for use with pre-school children.

Here goes: As long as Americans have the freedom to speak their minds openly, there will be, at least, some civility. If American’s freedom to speak freely is taken, or restricted, all hell will break lose and that includes the strong possibility, and yes, even the probability of armed resistance.

As I said, the left is playing with fire. They cannot control it. If they do not back off, it will soon become a raging firestorm that will consume them in its ferocity.
Civil discourse is great. Even uncivil discourse is, at least, discourse. But when the discourse stops, the remaining avenue of expression is -- combat. It begins with civil disobedience.

THIS IS NOT NEW. AMERICA HAS BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE. It resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The pain suffered by our families still burns in the breasts of many Americans even today. It will never go away. The wounds are still open; the scars are still visible, the damage done can never be repaired. America was permanently wounded.

We Americas find ourselves today in the same intolerable situation as our forefathers found themselves on that early Spring morning 150 years ago this coming April.

America is split right down the middle in 2011. There are those who love freedom and vow to fight to the last drop of their blood to defend it. Then, there are those who feel that human beings are not capable of handling freedom and therefore it must be taken from them and they should be under the care of a more enlightened government.

THAT is where we stand in America today.

We all know it cannot continue thus.

The coming conflict between freedom lovers and the lovers of slavery is very real and it is just coming into view over the distant horizon.

Maybe we could avoid the coming conflict if Americans were to agree to split, oh, say, at the Mississippi River, and the Socialist Americans choose to live on one side, or the other, of the river and the Free Americans on the other.

Even then I would suggest a wall be built between the two. The wall is to stop fleeing leftists from crossing into the REAL America when their side of the continent is afflicted with a collapsing economy, or they are invaded and simply overrun by some tin pot dictator with a third rate army who simply shouts: “BOO!”

OK. So that idea is ridiculous. Right? Are you SURE about that? I ask only because we Americans are quickly nearing the point at which we can no longer live with each other. Shuffling the seating arrangements in the chamber of the US House of Representatives, during the President’s State of the Union address, is ample evidence that I am not alone in understanding how great the divide has become. Just know this: I am not buying into a cheap demonstration of “togetherness” by our leaders who still think you and I are dumber than fence posts! Not only is that ploy embarrassing – it is insulting!

The divide between left and right in America is now a yawning chasm. There was a time, not so long ago, when I actually thought the rift could be healed. I have since grown up and come to realize that it is not only impossible, but neither side wants the rift healed. Each side wants the other side to just go away.

The differences are, indeed, too great, too vast, too profound, too rooted in our souls, in our personalities, even in our religious faiths.

We must stop the charade. We must admit, openly, that we are two separate peoples. Then, we must do what is necessary to segregate ourselves, one from the other. We must try to do this without going to war, again, with each other. It would be far too costly to the Socialist Americans and to the Free Americans.

The United States exists in name only. Come on, folks! We are anything but “united!” “Hatred” is the name of the river that divides us! Like the peoples of the Balkan states, we are ready to grasp the throat of our counterpart on either side

Yes, I know this is raw, and I don’t expect you will read it anywhere else. But, don’t you think it is about time we face the truth about ourselves?

There are two Americas -- and never more shall the twain meet. WE are no longer a single country, if we ever really were. We are, in fact, two countries – Socialist America and Free America. I am happy to say that I am among the Free Americans.

I have never been much for debating any issue. I educate myself on the issue and make a decision. Debating it will not make me change my mind. It isn’t in me.

Debating whether or not America can be healed is not up for debate with this scribe. Since 1865 Americans, both north and south have placed band-aids over the gaping wounds that divide us and pretended they were healed. The simply truth is -- they have never healed. Not only that but those wounds have metastasized.

It was flat-out idiocy to ever believe those wounds would heal. You cannot have a nation disembowel itself and then believe that nation can go on as if nothing happened. That is stupid! But – that is what Americans tried to do.

The day of reckoning is nigh. Will the Socialist Americans and the Free Americans agree to separate relatively peacefully, or will the two sides go to war. It is a simple question and one that burns to the core of the problem.

Mind you, if we go to war, it will be a never ending war, much as the war in the Balkans never ends and much as the war between the so -- called “Palestinians” and the Israelis will continue until Judgment Day.

I read somewhere that Americans immigrating to Australia is at its highest level in many years. Did they already see the handwriting on the wall and decide to get out before the really nasty stuff begins in America? I suspect some of them did.

The dye is cast. The socialism of Obama and the Democratic Party was the catalyst. Americans are gathered on the banks of the Rubicon. All it will take now is the slightest nudge from either side.

J. D. Longstreet

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