Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will The GOP Stop Obama?

Will The GOP Stop Obama?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I sense another conservative revolt in the political atmosphere.

Conservatives have their backs up, their hackles are trembling with anticipation of what they feel will be the inevitable sell-out by the GOP in coming weeks and months. They are on tiptoe, leaning forward, every muscle taunt with tension, ready to explode in a firestorm of action that will ultimately create another political party in America and instantly plunge the GOP into third party status.

The republicans seem not to understand that this is their last shot at getting it right. Conservatives grudgingly gave them this chance because there was no other viable political party they felt they could entrust with the battle plan to unseat Obama and his socialist agenda for the United States.

It was a gamble. Conservatives knew that. But with no conservative political party on the field of battle, there was no choice.

There is very little faith within the conservative community that the GOP can get the job done. In fact, many of us are sure THEY WILL NOT GET THE JOB DONE because the GOP is not that different from the liberal-socialists of the Democratic Party.

Defeatist? Call it what you like. I call it as I see it.

Now, here, as I see it, is what we conservatives need -- our own political party.

The plain truth is -- conservatives can never hope to have a lasting effect upon politics in the United States until they/we have our own political party.

Conservatives cannot join with the liberal-socialists of the Democratic Party and we cannot trust the limp wrists in the Republican Party to speak for us. Therefore, we have no alternative but to pull out of the GOP, or any other political party affiliation we may have, and combine our strength, numbers, and our boundless energy in our own political party.

I know, I know. It has been tried before and failed. Remnants of past conservative political parties haunt all of us. Their failure, in my opinion, was the direct result of not having the absolutely, positively, most important component of a political party’s core. That is grassroots commitment.

Today’s Tea Party movement provides, what I think could very well be that core element for a third, and a successful, political party, a conservative political party.

As I have noted in earlier commentaries – I believe the Tea Party movement has “maxed-out” as a political movement. That is not meant as a “pit-down.” It is an observation, by a long-time watcher of politics in America – me.

There is only so much a political movement can do. Often that proves to be their success in pushing conservatives candidates victoriously across the finish line and into seats in Congress and state legislatures. And that is extremely important. Unfortunately, one the candidate is ensconced in his or her congressional or senatorial seat, they tend to fall in line behind the leaders of their respective caucus and simply ignore the political movement whose tireless efforts got them there in the first place. That is the fear expressed so often to me by my conservative friends and contacts about the newly elected conservatives in the US House of Representatives. Once they are in office, there is, in truth, little a political movement can do except threaten to withhold support for their next political campaign. However, by that time the national party apparatus can offer its support to that incumbent to swing their fealty to them instead of the political movement that got them there in the first place.

We conservatives NEED TO BE THAT POLITICAL PARTY to have -- and wield – that sort of power.

In two years the most important election (even more important that the election last November) will be upon us. To be frank, it will be a humongous, nearly impossible, task to repeat the success of the Tea Party in the last election.

In order for conservatives to succeed in replacing the socialist- liberal Obama with a conservative (NOT A RINO, and NOT A MODERATE) president, claim enough seats in the Senate for control of that house, and maintain control of the House, we absolutely NEED the power of political PARTY!

It is urgent that the leaders of the conservative movement in America pull together the resources needed to organize and initiate a conservative political party at the earliest possible moment.

A conservative party must be made a reality if conservatives are ever to escape treatment as the “red-headed step-child” we so often decry.

The foundation for such a party already exists. Conservatives, it seems, need to be convinced of its necessity, and the upper echelons of the movement apparently need the will to take the plunge.

For the sake of our republic, we cannot wait. Now is the time. Today is the day.

J. D. Longstreet

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