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America’s Embrace of Slavery is Awesome!

Boss Obama Driving Americans, Of All colors, Onto The Government Plantation!
Socialism and Slavery = Same Thing!
America’s Embrace of Slavery is Awesome!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

As Americans whisper about their government these days (because they fear it. The government, I mean.), we ordinary Americans have noticed a phenomenon that seems to have escaped the notice of the liberal/socialists in that government, including the President. The black community in America has just migrated back onto a plantation. This time it is Uncle Sam’s Plantation! And the “Boss,” up in the “Big House,” is a black man! How Ironic is that?! Not content to return his own people to the plantation, the Boss seems determined to have the white folks join them on Uncle Sam’s Plantation. That, dear reader, is just another definition of Socialism!

Now, before you get your underpants all in a wad, please take the couple or three minutes it takes to read a column by Star Parker, herself a black women, who knows something about socialism and about the government plantation Obama is attempting to drive all of us onto. The title of Ms. Parker’s piece is: “Back on Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” You’ll find it HERE.

In her article referring to what she calls a “A vast sea of perhaps well-intentioned government programs, all initially set into motion in the 1960s, that were going to lift the nation's poor out of poverty…”Ms. Parker says: ”A benevolent Uncle Sam welcomed mostly poor black Americans onto the government plantation. Those who accepted the invitation switched mindsets from "How do I take care of myself?" to "What do I have to do to stay on the plantation?" THAT, dear reader, is the end result of socialism. Self-reliance is eroded right out of existence and total reliance on government becomes the norm. When that happens you have a population of slaves. And that is where America is headed… right back into slavery. This time, however, we will all be slaves indentured to the government.

Someone once said the following: “The purpose of Liberty is Individual Freedom; the purpose of socialism is slavery. The two philosophies are diametrically opposed. Yet they are the only choices available to humanity. Freedom or Slavery. And if one studies slavery, e.g. U.S.S.R., China, Rumania, Albania, Cuba, Attila the Hun, you will inexorably discover the core evil of socialism.” Truer words were never spoken.

There is an article entitled: “What's the difference between socialism and slavery?” The blogger writes that it is hard to find people who defend slavery, but easy to find people who defend socialism. He goes on to ask the question: “What’s the difference?” Then he proceeds to answer his own question: “With socialism, the government wields the lash. Modern slavery limited the oppression to black people; socialism oppresses productive people of all races. Socialism is slavery as a government supported enterprise. THIS Blogger is spot on! We recommend you read the entire article and the comments, which you will find at the blogsite titled: “SODAHEAD” HERE.

In an article he wrote back in May of 2003, Ludwig Von Mises penned the following words: “In using the term freedom as applied to human beings, we think only of freedom within society. Yet, today, social freedoms are considered by many people to be independent of one another. Those who call themselves "liberals" today are asking for policies, which are precisely the opposite of those policies which the liberals of the nineteenth century advocated in their liberal programs. The so-called liberals of today have the very popular idea that freedom of speech, of thought of the press, freedom of religion, freedom from imprisonment without trial--that all these freedoms can be preserved in the absence of what is called economic freedom. They do not realize that, in a system where there is no market, where the government directs everything, all those other freedoms are illusory, even if they are made into laws and written up in constitutions." (From: “Socialism: Slavery vs. Freedom”. Find the entire article HERE. )

I suppose the most frustrating thing I have run across during the campaign of Obama for the presidency, and during his brief regime, is the total ignorance of the American public as to what, exactly, SOCIALISM is - and what the danger(s) of socialism is/are. It is amazing that so few Americans understand that socialism has failed everywhere and every time it has been tried on this planet. It is equally amazing how ignorant Americans are as to the TOLL socialism takes on a society and the people of that society. The death toll in the countries, which have tried it, and the mounting death toll of those unfortunate people of planet earth who are still forced to live under the yoke of socialism, even today, is absolutely astounding!

Unless you have written and published about the dangers of socialism you cannot imagine the vile hatred that will be aimed at you for having the temerity to mention that socialism is evil. And to announce the painfully obvious fact that the US government has gone over to socialism brings verbal abuse the likes of which I have never experienced and I have served in the US military and consider my self a world-class “curser,” when provoked.

The “New England Republican” says: “Socialism is slavery. It takes by force leaving no choice. We fought a war over this very idea, did we not?” We would answer – YES, as a matter of fact- we did! The article “Socialism is Slavery” can be found HERE.

In his article Vermont Woodchuck says: “If the State sent individuals with manacles every week to seize you, your wife or husband to toil unpaid for 12 or more hours, depending upon what you make, would you be content?

Your work will consist of serving non-working capable adults in their daily habits such as shopping for them or taking them shopping, driving them in your vehicle to the park, pools, day care, and doctor visits. See that they get to the cable company to order more channels, to get high speed Internet service and take them wherever else they wish to go. Additionally, cleaning off sidewalks of snow, maintaining common living areas, painting their rentals and picking up their garbage is also your job. In fact, anyone that obtains social services of any kind, you will work for them throughout your allotted work time. Every week 52 weeks a year, you, your husband or wife and working kids if any will do this under consequence without surcease.” He goes on to say:” You take it every payday when the Government decrees that you pay for non-working capable adults to sit on their bums, ride in taxis to shop, watch cable TV, use the Internet, live in paid housing and get health care you cannot afford.”

There ARE Americans who get it! There ARE Americans who understand and KNOW what socialism is and what it is going to do to our country. Yet, we are shouted down when we dare raise our voices in warning to our fellow Americans.

As we consider Obama’s regime, so far, it has become clear that he intends to transform America into that socialist utopia which is THE glittering gem of mythology. Consider, for a moment, the nationalization of the auto industry, the healthcare industry, and the financial industry and what you have is the beginning of total government control of every tiny little part of the lives of Americans. When it is the government providing your job, how will you feel about criticizing that government, huh? Freedom of speech, you say? What freedom of speech? The new socialists in charge of our government have made it plain they view the constitution as an inconvenient suggestion by a bunch of wealthy, elite, white men of a long ago age.

Just a few days ago we learned that one of the major “over-the-air” networks will be broadcasting their news from the White House itself. One must wonder about the quiet calls for a government bailout of some of the major press outlets in America and it leads to the question we must ask ourselves -what happens to freedom of speech - and the press - after a government bailout? The presses will belong to the government! I think you know the answer to that one.

There will be no free speech, at all, after a government 'bailout' of the press. The government will own the presses. There is an article entitled: “Socialism is Slavery” HERE that you must read.

But – America voted for change. Obama promised change – and THIS is the “Change” Americans voted for. It is an exchange of freedom for slavery. Nothing less.

The yoke will be complete when Obama gets his healthcare bill passed through the Congress in a few weeks. It is the last link in the chain that will seal our doom as a free people. With it in place the government will be able to control every tiny aspect of our daily lives – and they WILL!

America’s days as a great, free, nation are over (at least for now!). We Americans sold our birthright, and that of our children, to a snake oil salesman. The only thing that surprises me about it all is just how quickly Americans dropped to their knees and bared their necks for the chains of slavery to be securely wrapped and locked around them. The pain I feel at the loss of my country is indescribable.

J. D. Longstreet

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