Tuesday, June 16, 2009

“We Have Nothing to Fear But Obama and His Minions!”

“We Have Nothing to Fear But Obama and His Minions!”
“The Crisis of F E A R!”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Remember “Morning in America”? That was the motto of the Ronald Reagan Campaign back when he ran for President of the US. The man was elected twice by landsides.

Obama’s use of fear to motivate Americans to do what he wants us to do is simply unprecedented in the history of American politics. It is known within the circles of the political elite as the “Politics of Fear.” No, I’m NOT kidding, Mr. and Mrs. American. You are being played for the fools Obama and the democrat/socialists believe that you are. So far they have not been wrong in their estimation of how easily Americans will react to fright.

There is an old expression I ran across sometime back that goes something like this: “Ever notice when it seems there is imminent danger and impending disaster, there is someone who always seems to know exactly what to do? Quit often that person is insane!” I have no idea who said that, if I did I would certainly give then full credit, not only for the expression itself but also for the accuracy in the application of it to the Obama Regime.

Fear mongering is the order of the day in America. Even a child knows, instinctively, that fear is THE great motivator. You want someone to do something… then scare the living daylights out of them by telling them all the awful things that will happen to them if they DON’T do what you are suggesting they do. Watch how quickly they rise to the challenge then!

So far, under the Obama Regime, he has scared the American people into loading themselves, their children and their grand children up with tons of debt that, I dare say, my great-grandchildren will STILL be trying to pay off when they reach middle age. And there is more coming.

Our financial community, especially the stock market, is scared to death of Obama. On Jan. 20, 2009, the stock market saw its worst Inauguration Day drop in U.S. history. It lost 332 points, sliding the Dow to 7949. On Feb. 10, the day the Senate passed its version of Obama's $838 billion spending plan, the Dow nose-dived and lost 382 points. I’d say the stock Market is correct to be scared witless of Obama, especially now that he wants to set limits on their remuneration, their salaries, bonuses, and such. I supposed the Central Committee of the Obama Regime just doesn’t have enough to do redistributing the nation’s wealth, (interpreted that means: MY money and YOUR money).

Obama has told the American people that only government can rescue us from this catastrophe. As a conservative American that goes against everything I believe, indeed, everything I know about government and about people.

Government has no money of it’s own. Every cent it spends must come from somewhere else. It comes from you and from me, the American taxpayer. If there is not enough money the government takes more of your money. It must, for as I said above, government has none. When your money runs out, they “borrow” your children’s money by simply printing more of it and charging it to your child’s account or your grandchild’s account. Oh, did I mention that the more money they print, means more money in circulation, and that will drive the value of the money down? So now you know. We call that inflation. As of this moment we are looking at being hit by rampant inflation in maybe 12 months, more or less. When it hits. The money you DO have will be worth even less than it is today.

You may recall one of Obama’s people saying, shortly after the election: “Never allow a crisis go to waste.” That was Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff. Why, even the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, speaking to the European Parliament said: "Never waste a good crisis." Tell me, do you need any more proof that you, the American citizen, are being used, being herded like a, well, a herd of sheep? Does it not make you the least bit angry? As Jonah Goldberg said in his column on March 10th, 2009: “The real scandal is that this administration thinks crises are opportunities for governmental power-grabs.” You can read his excellent article HERE.

Some of us are old enough to remember FDR saying: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” In his article, made reference to above, Goldberg says: “Now Barack Obama all but admits that all he has to fear is the loss of fear itself.” Not only does the Obama Regime admit to using fear to get his agenda passed, they openly boast about it and the democrat/socialists call it leadership. How utterly disgusting.

Americans ought to be raging in the streets at being treated as lobotimized robots needing to be told what to do, when to do it, and to whom to do it. THIS is what happens when a society loses it’s rugged individualists, the people who stand up and say, “Wait a damn minute! What you are saying is BS.” So few are left in America today that there is no counter balance to the Pied Pipers of the Left who lead the American elcectorate around by the nose and make them like it!

The Obama Regime tosses around words like “catastrophe”, “crisis”, “disaster”, with what approaches wild abandon. In yesterday’s America someone would have long since called his hand on his fear mongering. The GOP won’t do it. They’re crawling around the floor whimpering like a whipped dog offering to roll over and expose it’s belly for a show of affection, any affection. The party has become pathetic. It is totally useless in any fight with the democrat/socialists. But don’t waste your pity on the GOP. They brought this whipping upon themselves by not listening to their conservative base. They will now pay a price of near biblical porportions and relegated to the wilderness for another 40 years.

Back in 1979 President Jimmy Carer made a a speech that sealed his doom as a two-term president. He said: "The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear and present danger to our nation. These are facts and we simply must face them." The moment he uttered those words his presidency was sealed at one term. But that was back in the day when, as the saying goes, “Men were men, and women were glad of it!”

I cannot speak for you, but I can tell you my feelings on the Obama Regime’s use of fear politics and fear mongering. I despise it. Anytime you frighten people to get your way, no matter what “your way” happens to be, it is a cheap shot and it is a dishonorable way of doing business.

But, no one is rising to challenge Obama and, soon enough, he will be using the fear he, himself, has instilled in the American public to get his way on illegal Immigration (amnesty for illegal aliens), and a universal healthcare system in this country that will keep us bankrupt well into the next millennium.

J. D. Longstreet


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