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A Tar Heel Apologizes To The People Of Mississippi ... J. D. Longstreet

A Tar Heel Apologizes To The People Of Mississippi
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The people of North Carolina spoke on Tuesday, May 8th, and voted for an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution that defines marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman. It removed all doubt about the forms of marriage to be recognized in NC as a marriage between a man and a woman. That is the only kind of marriage to be recognized, henceforth, in the Tar Heel state.

In the spirit of full disclosure, allow me to state that I am a Tar Heel and have been for 48 years. A native South Carolinian, I moved to NC in the early 1960's, fell in love with the people here -- and stayed. I have had a number of job offers outside the state, but my love affair with the people of the Old North State remains alive-- with passion-- and I have refused to leave.

In 2010 the voters of North Carolina swept the democrats out of power in the legislature and handed control, of both the NC House of Representatives and the NC Senate to the republicans. That is the first time since The War Between the States that the NC legislature has been controlled completely by republicans. For one hundred and fifty years democrats had their own fiefdom in North Carolina. And they did, indeed, treat their constituents as ignorant serfs running rough-shod over the wishes and desires of the Tar Heel electorate.

When I first came to NC registered democrats outnumbered registered republicans some 13 to 1. This is the way the numbers break out today: Voter Registration as of 05/11/2012: Democratic: 2,735,467 Republican: 1,975,928 Libertarian: 13,829 Unaffiliated: 1,571,639 Total: 6,296,863.

Since the election in November of 2010 the democrats in NC have come undone. The governor of NC, Bev Perdue, elected in November of 2008 in a close election, has been brawling with the legislature since her swearing-in. She is a left-wing liberal, an Obama lapdog, and a Democratic Party puppet. She is so far to the left that she is out of touch even with most of the registered Democratic Party voters in North Carolina.

Perdue is a left-wing elitist. She is far more aligned with the Vatican of liberalism in North Carolina, Chapel Hill (where resides that bastion of liberalism -- the University of North Carolina) than with the vast majority of Tar Heel democrats.

Her denigration of the people of Mississippi -- and by extension -- her own fellow North Carolinians -- is all the evidence one needs as to her elitist credentials.

You may have heard she has chosen not to run for reelection this coming November. Now you know why. She has about as much chance of winning as I do of rolling a snowball clear across hell in th middle of August! Her popularity among Tar Heels ranks right up there with Osama bin Laden.

To the good people of Mississippi, believe me when I say that Perdue's remarks on Friday, May 11th, do not, I repeat, do NOT reflect the feelings of the people of the Old North State.

If, somehow, you have not heard, Perdue is still smarting from the left's humongous lost on the Marriage Amendment in NC on Tuesday May 8th. She has been quoted in the news media as stating the following: "We look like Mississippi."

Perdue, who previously said she was against the amendment, told reporters that the vote is wrong for the state. This is what she said to reporters: "People around the country are watching us and they're really confused to have been such a progressive forward thinking economically driven state that invested in education and that stood up for the civil rights people including the civil rights marches back in the '50s and '60s and '70s," Perdue continued. "People are saying, 'What in the world is going on with North Carolina? We look like Mississippi." Click here for the full story: (SOURCE) (you may copy and paste the following also:

It is extremely important that the good people of the great state of Mississippi know that Perdue's words do not reflect the feelings of the people of NC for the people and government of Mississippi. They were the words of an overwrought, powerless, pitiful, elected official of North Carolina who did not confirm that her brain was engaged before she out her mouth in gear. In other words, it was typical of out-of-power-democrats who tend to lash out at anyone they feel is "ignorant" simply because they/we do not agree with their leftist/socialist agenda.

To the people and government of Mississippi, I, as a North Carolinian, offer you my deepest and most sincere apology for the words of my governor and promise she will be out of power come November when we intend to make every effort possible to replace her with a republican who reflects the goodness of the people of this state.

I assure you the people of North Carolina were, and are, embarrassed by the infantile ranting of a Democratic Party apparatchik who finds herself just taking up space in the Governor's office in Raleigh.

Mississippi and North Carolina share a unique history with some thirteen states of the United States. Both Mississippi and North Carolina were once states of a different country -- the Confederate States of America. Sadly, NC's current governor belongs to that small group of "Scalawags" who are shamed by our history as states of a country whose state governments were once ruled only by the voice of God and the voice of their people.

Unfortunately, they believe, as did Lincoln, in a strong central government where the voice of God and the people are smothered under an avalanche of laws that separate the people from their heritage, their Judeo-Christian faith, the original intent of the US Constitution, and their legacy of individual freedom and liberty bequeathed to them by their brave ancestors who took up arms against a tyrannical British government in the 1700's and a tyrannical US government in the 1800's.

Modern political scalawags refuse to believe -- or accept -- that the same yearning for freedom and divine leadership in matters of state burns as brightly today in the hearts of southerners as it did in the hearts of their honored ancestors who rose up in righteous anger -- as men -- to defend their unalienable rights.

Governor Perdue's rebuke of the citizens of both Mississippi and North Carolina demonstrates the depth of disdain in which modern political scalawags hold the southern people today.

I wish I could speak for all the people of North Carolina, but I cannot. I am only an opinion writer and a commentator. My opinions and comments are my own and no one else's.

Having said the above, I must say that, in my heart, I believe the vast majority of the people of North Carolina share my embarrassment at the words of our governor and would stand with me as I offer this shame-faced apology to the good people of Mississippi.

I would add this: May the God of our Fathers continue to bless the people of North Carolina in spite of the occasional Prima Donna(s) we sometimes elect to public office. We promise to try to do better in future.

J. D. Longstreet

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