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North Carolina Now Romney's To Lose ... J. D. Longstreet

North Carolina Now Romney's To Lose
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Back in the early days of the US astronauts, when a flier/pilot/astronaut made a mistake so egregious, so catastrophic, that it could not be undone -- or the consequences mitigated -- and would likely lead to his death,  he was said to have "screwed the pooch."  It was crude, yes.  But it was meant to be.  It was, in fact, what we often refer to as "graveyard" humor.

Last week, President Obama "screwed the pooch."  No, he didn't eat the consarned dog!  He just "messed-up" so badly, that in all likelihood he now has no chance of winning the election in November.

When Obama made his announcement to one of his lapdog broadcast TV networks that he had finally "evolved" to the point that he now accepted that homosexuals had the right to marry one another in America, (as my friend Alan Caruba said recently) Obama  "placed the last nail in his political coffin."

Last Tuesday morning I cast the first ballot in my precinct in the May 8th North Carolina Primary.  I was standing in line when the polls opened at 6:30 AM.  There was a line forming behind me of some five or six other early voters anxious to have their say, especially on the Marriage Amendment to the NC constitution that would make any marriage, except that between one man and one woman, against the law in the state of North Carolina.  Everything else on the ballot was pretty much cut and dried.   The NC Primary is so late in the political season that it made no difference that I did not vote for Romney.

The Marriage Amendment won by 61% to 39%.  The figure stunned even the advocates of the amendment, including yours truly.  I expected it to pass, but I expected a much smaller margin of victory.

What happened?

Well, what happened was just the thing we predicted a few weeks ago.  Obama supporters in the black community voted overwhelmingly FOR the Marriage Amendment.

And therein lies the trap Obama set for himself and obligingly walked right into -- with the help of his hapless Vice-President Joe Biden.

You'd never know it by listening to and reading the left wing broadcast and print media, but Obama won the state of North Carolina in 2008 by the smallest of margins -- by the skin of his teeth.  And, up 'til last week, North Carolina was said to "be in play."

Not any longer.

As I said above,  I cast my ballot at approximately 6:30 AM last Tuesday.  Before noon, I was flat on my back in the emergency department of the local regional health facility where I stayed for the remainder of the week.  I watched the election returns through a morphine haze Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  (I rarely ever sleep in the hospital no matter how long the stay.)

During my stay in hospital the TV in my room was tuned to Fox News Channel at least 90% of the time.

One of the excellent nurses who cared for me was a black man I'd guesstimate was in his early 60's.  At one point he was taking my vital signs when a news item concerning President Obama's evolvement to support of gay marriages was broadcast.  My black male nurse began to mutter, sotto voce, barely audible sounds of obvious disgust.   I inquired what was the matter? And he turned to me and said:  "I can't believe he said that," referring to Obama's pronouncement about his evolvement.  He went on to say, shaking his head in disgust, "And I voted for him"   A second or two passed, and with no prompting from me, he said " ... but not anymore, nosiree!"

I know my heart monitor down at the nurse's station went off the graph.  I wanted to hug the guy but was restrained by tubes and wires and leads and all the electronic stuff going into and out of me. I decided then and there to write this piece.

Black voters in North Carolina who voted for Obama in 2008 will not be there for him this coming November.  As a voting block, they were already upset that he had not delivered on all his promises to the black community made in 2008.  And now he has trashed their religious belief, as well.  Now, don't misunderstand.  There will be a host of black voters casting their ballots for Obama, but not nearly as many as in 2008 -- at least, not in North Carolina.

North Carolina is no longer in play.  To the gay community, I'd like to say: "Thank You!"

As for Joe Biden?  Well, I think the GOP ought to offer to pick up the tab for at least half his salary as Vice-President.  Let's face it folks!  Joe is the best thing the republicans have going for them right now!

Joe strikes me as the kind of guy who ought to wear double-breasted striped suits and shirts with French cuffs and diamond cufflinks, with a diamond stick pin in his tie, and, of course,  a diamond pinky ring -- and -- a used car lot.   I mean, the guy just seems as if he was sent over from Hollywood's central casting for the part as a used car salesman and, somehow, was accidentally cast as Vice-President in the Obama movie.

The truth is, as I see it, Obama would never have "evolved" until AFTER the election had not "Hapless" Joe shot his mouth off and presented Obama with one of those unwelcome moments all politicians lie awake nights worrying about -- a moment of truth.

The scriptures tell us the truth shall set us free.  This bit of truth from Obama may well set America free come November.  And "Hapless" Joe will be the one to thank!

J. D. Longstreet  

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