Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shut The Government Down!

Shut The Government Down!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I am beginning to believe that we OUGHT to shut the government down for as long as it takes to determine who, exactly, are the government workers essential to running the government. Then, fire all non-essential workers. And don’t re-open until we cut the heck out of the expense of running the government, itself, AND get a handle on congressional and executive branch spending.

Ok. Let’s cut to some of the basics here. First do not buy into the notion that the government actually shuts down when there is a government shutdown. OH, no! That is exactly what the political left wants you to believe. (By the way. For those of you new to my scribblings – understand that when I say “the political left” – I include the mainstream media in that nomenclatura.)

Surely you do not think government bureaucrats and federal employees do not have their backsides covered in the event of the dreaded “government shut-down?” Oh, to be sure, they DO. Yes, assuredly, they DO!

All the scare tactics used by the political left to scare the living daylights out of Americans who, as a rule, have not an inkling as to how their government actually works, are very effective when disseminated by a state controlled press – otherwise known as the Mainstream Media.

NO. Planes will not be grounded, the border will continued to be patrolled, hospitals will continue to treat patients, the military will continue to fight, federal prisoners in federal pens would still be guarded, The tax people (IRS) will keep right on aggravating the dickens out of Americans and, well, just about all the important stuff will continue as if nothing is going on.

What does happen is -- the non-essential government workers will get to stay home and be paid retroactively AFTER the government starts back up again. Most Americans would not notice a government shut down were it not for the press screaming it from every headline, microphone, and TV set in the nation.

Seems to me, shutting down the government would be a good thing. Heck, lets shut it down, and get rid of the non-essential government worker as we recommended above. That, alone, ought to save a whopping amount of money for the treasury.

Certainly, you know that a government shut down does not include sending Congress home. Oh, how I wish it did! The only time I feel safe, anymore, is when Congress is in recess.

See – this whole government shut down thing is a last ditch democrat dirty trick hatched up just in case they DID lose control of the government last November. They continued to push back approving a budget until it fell into the lap of a republican House of Representatives … just as it was planned. Now, the dems believe, they can make hay from the “don’t care” stigma smeared on the Republican Party by themselves and the mainstream media, which, as you know by now, THEY control.

But wait! Something is wrong. Something is not working as it was supposed to work.

Oh, drats! Turns out the American people actually DO want the government’s reckless spending cut back… even if it entails a shutdown of the government itself! Why, that tosses a mean spanner into the cogs, what?

Oh, joy! It turns out those DUMB Tea Partiers are not as dumb as the Mainstream Media and the democrats thought. Those people actually DO know how the government works. They DO know their constitution; and they DO know how to thwart the machinations of the liberal-socialists in the government. As a result, blow back from the electorate has splashed all over the democrats and they are beginning to question the wisdom of forcing a government shutdown.

Now the ball is in Obama’s court. He is the one person in the US government all eyes will be gazing upon if there is a shutdown.

In my opinion, all American voters should be standing in their chairs, yelling at the top of their lungs, demanding a shutdown of the US government until we can get spending under control.

A government shutdown is a GOOD thing, a useful thing, and an essential tool to help us save this country.

So bring it on. Let’s learn whose jobs are essential and whose are not -- and get rid of the non-essential workers as the first order of business.

Now that I have had my fun, allow me to say that I don’t believe either side, dems or repubs have what it takes to get our national budget in order. I am convinced that the US economy WILL crash as a result of the lack of courage of the men and women who are running it into the ground.

When the economy goes so will the government. Only God, Himself, knows what kind of government we will have when the smoke clears. But I WILL venture an educated guess: a communist government. (Notice: I didn’t say “a socialist government!”)

The last two generations of Americans have been prepared in the public schools for this eventuality. They KNOW that socialism/communism is a far better form of government that a representative constitutional republic. They know that because they have been taught that.

It certainly seems that only the American people are interested in saving America. It is obvious America’s government is not.

J. D. Longstreet

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