Monday, March 7, 2011

America DOES Need A New President. Only … Its NOT ROMNEY!

America DOES Need A New President. Only … Its NOT ROMNEY!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Mitt Romney was in New Hampshire over the weekend shining his image as he endeavors to capture the republican nomination as the candidate for President of the United States. Problem is – conservatives, whose numbers basically control the nominating process; don’t want any part of Romney. (Count “yours truly among them!)

For at least two years prior to the 2008 presidential election we told anyone and everyone, who would listen, that John McCain would never be President of the United States. But, the GOP, being a heck of a lot smarter and far and away more intelligent and politically savvy that I, nominated the guy anyway. McCain went down in flames – and so did America.

I am going out on that same limb again to declare, here and now, that Mitt Romney, if nominated, will not be elected over Barack Obama in 2012. It just isn’t going to happen.

How can I say that? Easy. I know my people.

My people are the southern conservatives. No GOP candidate can be elected president without the support of the southern conservatives -- and Romney does not have their support and cannot get it … ever!

Why, you may ask, will southern conservatives not vote for a republican candidate in order to save America from another four years of Obama? Oh, that is an easy one!

We simply do not see how Romney is all that different from Obama. I mean – he DID sign into law a healthcare bill very similar to ObamaCare in his state of Massachusetts. He is a social liberal, and he is a Mormon. (Mormonism is not looked upon favorably in the South. I write this as I sit approximately two bocks from a Mormon “church.”)

No. Romney is totally unacceptable to southerner conservatives. Allow me to be as clear as I possibly can: I say again -- Romney will not get the southern conservative vote … PERIOD!

You may have noticed the mainstream media is promoting Romney’s acceptability as the GOP nominee. That, alone, should give every conservative voter in America pause.

Could it possibly be that the MSM wants an easy win for Obama? And believe me, with Romney as the republican candidate – the election WOULD BE an EASY win for Obama.

We all know the MSM is in Obama’s corner – all the way -- and we know, from experience, they will prostitute themselves for Obama and the liberal-socialist Democratic Party at every opportunity.

When the MSM becomes a “booster club” for Romney – well, we just have to turn our conservative backs on him and look elsewhere for a REAL conservative candidate.

Romney’s “new image” is supposed to lure us into voting for the guy. Now he is a “man of the people” sans necktie, and perfect hair. Now he is busy pressing the flesh amongst crowds of the great unwashed… etc. Down here, we call that “old wine in new bottles.” We see it for what it is -- and it is repugnant.

If Romney is the best the GOP can offer, my fellow Americans, we are in deep, deep, trouble.

Even in the very best scenario I can imagine, the GOP nominee will need every vote he/she can get. I mean EVERY vote. The Obama forces will be busing their voters to the polls in convoys. There will be a tsunami of democrat voters flooding the polling places to keep THEIR president in office.

Without the southern conservative voter NO GOP CANDIDATE WILL STAND A CHANCE.

So, republicans mulling whether to run for president take notice: You had better spend your time here, in the south, where the campaign for president will be won or lost depending upon the favor, or lack thereof, of the southern conservative voter.

We will not vote for you simply because there is an “R” by your name. We WILL NOT vote for you in order to cast a vote against Obama. We WILL NOT knowingly choose the lesser of two evils.

The southern conservative WILL vote for a candidate they believe in … a true conservative candidate. Any would-be GOP candidate having credentials less than 100% conservative might as well save the time, energy, and the money mounting a campaign for 2012. You might have a better shot in 2016. But frankly, I doubt it.

J. D. Longstreet

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