Friday, February 25, 2011

King Obama?

King Obama?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Myth speaks of a time of freedom in America, a time yet whispered about among “old-timers” in this modern, post-constitutional, socialist era of decay in America.

Long before the reign of “King Barak Obama,” (He of which so little is known) comes the storied legend of a high court created by the ancients to insure the government created by the people of the country ruled by the laws set forth in its founding documents. Some say it was known as “The SUPREME Court.”

There are those who dispute the legend today, however. They declare it is only the laws created in the court of The Great King Obama that carry the weight of the sovereign’s will and enforcement by the king’s minions.

It is said that far, far, out in the hinterlands of the country there exist wizen old storytellers who claim to have actually heard of a document called “The Constitution.” They say it was beloved by ancient citizens even though they changed it well over two score times.
Modern Americans take comfort in the knowledge that their beneficent ruler, King Obama, (The Divine Being be praised!) the compassionate one, has decided in his deep concern for the unwashed masses, the serfs of his kingdom, that he, “The Wise One,” will decide the laws to be obeyed and the laws that will be enforced by the Royal Justice Ministry.

Kings Obama, “The Enlightened one” has decreed that in his kingdom, anyone can become “married. Man can marry woman. Woman can marry woman. Man can marry animal. Woman can marry animal … ad infinitum.

Those who carry the king’s dispatches have praised the wisdom of His Eminence, King Obama. Town criers, all over the Obama Kingdom, have extolled the courage of the king’s action in this startling demonstration of post constitutional rights no longer guaranteed by a living, breathing, document that is now believed to finally be dead. In the words of the dispatch carriers: “Long Live The King!”

In the shadow of windmills and solar panels Americans huddle for warmth and protection around crackling fires kindled from a black stone ruled poisonous to the planet -- and to Obama’s people. Beneath their feet sloshes oceans of a flammable liquid brimming with energy now outlawed by Obama’s Protector’s of the Earth Ministry. (May Earth Mother be praised!)

The huddled masses look on with wide-eyed wonderment as “Nature Wizards” of King Obama’s court continue to prepare them for a great heating up of the earth while temperatures plunge and winter’s harsh grasp continues to extend its life threatening reign longer with each passing year.

Some dare to inquire, openly, as to the elementary intelligence employed by Great King Obama’s “Wizards of Weather” in denying that, which they say, is obvious -- even to the kingdom’s idiots, and that is that the earth is growing colder – not hotter.

Those who serve the great king at the grand “People’s Palace” on Obama Mount in the royal city (recently renamed “Obamagrad”) on the banks of the “Soetoro River” (formerly the Potomac River) continue to prostrate themselves in obeisance to His Royal Majesty even at the cost of their high positions in the mighty king’s court.

Meanwhile, in the forests and swamps of the South, in the plains and on the mountains of the Midwest and West, and atop the mounds of drifted snow in the north, defrocked priests of the recently outlawed religion, Christianity, continue to proclaim something called “The Gospel” and warn that worshipping the socialist state instead of the One True God is blasphemy and the wages of this gross sin is the death of the nation and eternal damnation for that nation’s people. (All nonsense, of course!)

Obama’s “Ministry of the Socialist State Religion,” it is said, has announced its agents are “collecting” these rogue religionists and detaining them, permanently, in the Kingdom’s Re-Education Camps. So far, none of those Re-Ed Camps can be found, though, we are assured they are secure in undisclosed locations somewhere in the deserts of the southwest.

Even so, modern, socialist, America can rest assured our Great King Obama (He who speaks unceasingly) is leading the once premier nation on the globe back to its former greatness and a realization of the American Dream through national Collectivism, Socialism, and Marxism the NEW holy trinity of the American state religion founded by our “Warrior of the Faith,” Great King Obama.

The powerful Labor Guilds of America assure that King Obama’s reign is secure from the insane maniacs who continue to rabble rouse in the name of a democratic representative government and continuously demand elections which, as we all know, were suspended, indefinitely, for the safety and security of the people of Obama’s Kingdom.

Not to worry. We are assured that King Obama’s Ministry of Obamaland’s Security will be swift in their duty to neutralize such threats to the people’s security and the security of the kingdom. Even those who may be enjoying the largess of the king’s Obamacare alchemists in the dozens of “ObamaCare Tent Treatment Centers,” scattered across the great kingdom will be dealt with, as well.

Who needs a “constitution” when all American’s needs are met by King Obama’s gracious, generous, and kindly ministrations from the cradle to the grave -- no matter how short a span that might be.

Remember, America: Sacrifice is good. Fairness is good. Redistribution of your wealth is good. We must all work for the survival of the Obama Kingdom.

Forget about the myth of a US Constitution. We are assured by the Obama Kingdom Library that no such document exists, if it ever did.

(J. D. Longstreet wrote this article at the direction of the prison warden of the Hammer and Sickle prison colony. It was approved for distribution by King Obama’s Royal Ministry of Propaganda located at 666 Karl Marx Avenue in the city of Obamagrad located in the District of Vladimir Lenin.)


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