Friday, December 17, 2010

Can The Democrats Save Obama? Do They Want To?

Can The Democrats Save Obama? Do They Want To?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Obama is in TROUBLE. Big Trouble. He has managed to “P.O.” the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, AND the Tea Party. And – if the polls are to be believed—he has, somehow, managed to tick off a slew of Independent voters, as well. He has done it before reaching the mid-point of his term in office.

Did we not warn the man is a narcissist? Yes, we did! We were scorned and ridiculed for daring to speak what was obvious to anyone except those who were, and are, willfully blind to the truth.

So, here we go again, issuing a warning to the leftists in America: You ain’t seen nothing yet! As Obama triangulates toward the middle (as per Bill Clinton) you may need professional help with your collective blood pressure.

Americans spoke last month and they declared they do not like the course Obama has set for this country. The voters told the US government they would not stand for it and sent a new batch of Congresspersons and Senators to Washington to put a stop to it. It was a message writ large across the face of the Obama Regime. ENOUGH! No More! We intend to stop America’s race toward socialism, which has been so enthusiastically led by Obama and the liberal-socialists in the Congress.

Americans have a natural in-born hatred for tyranny in any form. When we find it in our own government, we rip it out.

The purge of the Congress began last month. It was only phase one of the American endeavors to take back America from those who would fundamentally change America into some sort of socialist dung heap.

The second phase has begun. The gelding of the socialist movement within the American government will be the prime goal over the next two years. It will not be easy. They have entrenched themselves and they are dug-in deep.

So, it follows that phase three will be the completion of the purge of the remaining progressives and socialists in the Congress along with those in the White House. They must be rooted out and identified, publicly, so the American electorate has a face for the socialist movement in their government. The end result will be the removal of the anti-American socialist cancer within the American governing body. That is set to occur in November of 2012.

Conservatives all over this nation are burning the midnight oil devising plans of action that will save the constitutional republic of America from her domestic enemies.

I should be clear to all Americans now that the most effective people in Washington for the Republican Party are: Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. For certain, it is crystal clear to all Americans exactly what the liberal-socialists in the Democratic Party have been up to over the past four years.

To a growing majority of Americans from both left and the right, it is now clear that they could not care less what the American people want. They have demonstrated, clearly, the only thing they have any interest in is changing America -- not for the better -- but for the worst. We intend to turn the lights back on in that “Shining City on A Hill” the lights the democrat liberal-socialists so unceremoniously outed when they took the reins of power in 2006.

We cannot expect the Democrats to take this lying down. They will come at us, tooth and claw. The next two years will be spent by the democrats shoring up their base, which is a collection of unions, minority groups, special interest groups, socialists, progressives, and the few unenlightened liberals who, for some reason, have yet to understand, or accept, that Obama is at the head of the movement to strip America of its superpower status and force America from its leadership position among the nations of the world.

It would seem that the famous, or infamous, “liberal guilt” has spawned a party-wide inferiority complex among the democrats. They fail to understand their sackcloth and ashes apologies for previous actions of their own country is not seen as a courageous act on their part, but is rather interpreted as show of weakness by America’s enemies. It is a perceived weakness they will most certainly take advantage of and may even result in the loss of even more American lives around the globe as well as right here within our own borders.

It has become clear over the past couple of decades, or so, that our so-called allies in Europe have little, if any, understanding of the American people – not the American government – the American people. The do not seem to grasp that the American people have realized their mistake in electing Obama to the Presidency and handing over legislative power to the liberal-socialists of the Democratic Party. Americans are compelled, not just because they have the right, but because they have a duty, to right their government when it becomes as derailed as it so obviously is today. The majority of Americans now know the derailment was caused by the efforts of the Obama Regime and the Democrat Party controlled Congress. They will not forget it by November of 2012 and they will go to the polls and vote to save America by removing from office those they have determined to be the culprits of America’s demise into mediocrity.

When given a choice between saving the Obama Regime or saving America, my money is on Americans rising to the challenge, as we always have in the past, and saving this last best hope for the world – America.

J. D. Longstreet

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