Monday, December 20, 2010

America’s Blunt Force Military Blunted By Repeal Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

America’s Blunt Force Military Blunted By Repeal Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A military is a blunt force. The waging of war is nothing less than blunt force trauma. Rough men who keep the people of the nation they serve safe inflict that blunt force trauma.

Over the weekend, a civilian Congress, with very few military veterans now serving within its ranks, voted to repeal the 17 year old “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy. With repeal of DADT, openly homosexual volunteers will be allowed to serve in the ranks of the US military. In doing so, the fate of the US Military, as a real fighting force, was ended. A force of fighting men feared and respected the world over has been reduced to the battlefield effectiveness of a troop of girl scouts.

I’m a veteran. I wear a US Army lapel pin awarded me by the Army some years ago. My truck had proudly boasted a US Army logo on the rear glass. I have, ‘til now, been proud to have been a member of the most effective fighting force in the history of the world -- the US Military.

Today, I do not feel that pride. What I feel is sorrow. And shame.

I cannot, in good conscious, encourage America’s young people to enlist in the US Military any longer. If I had any advice for parents of youngsters considering service in the US Military, I would advise them to make every effort to discourage their son or daughter from enlisting.

“Oh,” but you say, “the top brass said it would have no effective on the war-fighting ability of the US Military.” To that I say: “Don’t make me laugh!”

Look, when you have a military under civilian command, the top brass will say whatever the civilian bosses want to hear! Its what a soldier does! They say jump and he jumps.

I have often thought the US Military should not under the command of the President nor the congress but a co-equal branch of our government. I KNOW how radical that sounds, and for Americans it would be a radical departure from everything we have known as a country.

One must remember that America’s early government feared a standing army. They feared then, as some do today, that a standing army could over-throw the government and set up its own government any time it chose much as a few of the so-called “banana republics” do from time to time. There would be no one to stop them.

Since, at least, the 1950’s, the patriotic feeling that a man owed service to his country in the military has waned to a historic low. As a result we have the majority of our politicians with power over our military while they, themselves, have never spent one day in uniform and have absolutely no idea what it means to put your live on the line for your fellow Americans every single day. Yet they order our military personnel into harm’s way with the fervor reminiscent of an insane person with an extreme Napoleonic complex!

Allowing openly homosexual persons to serve in the US Military, regardless of all the BS propaganda we have been fed by the MSM, the “gay” special inertest groups, the leftist and liberal bleeding-heart politicians is going to accomplish three things: It will reduce the recruiting numbers forcing a resumption of the draft. (This time the draft will be for both men and women.). It will lower the morale of the serving troops. It will reduce the effectiveness of combat units at the point of the spear, it will increase casualty rates among American troops, it will reduce the respect for, and the fear of, the American fighting men, and it will, eventually, result in America winning no more wars. In other words – it will destroy history’s most effective fighting force -- ever. And finally, it will do irreparable damage to the national security of the United States.

America should prepare itself for so-called hate crimes within the military. How long do you suppose it will be before naked heterosexual males become incensed at having an openly homosexual male in the shower with them and decide to do something about it? Seems to me that scenario would be the equivalent of having a heterosexual male in the shower with a number of naked co-ed college students. I see no difference.

I’m not even going to speculate on the probable increase in “friendly fire” incidents involving openly homosexuals in combat zones.

What I am endeavoring to describe to you is the coming deterioration of our fighting forces into a non-cohesive conglomeration of young, virile, males -- trained to be killers -- acting as individuals with no loyalty to the man next to him. It will be every man for himself and to hell with the unit.

Sadly, when this happens, the military will not dare admit it has made a mistake – nor will the government. It will be too late by then anyway.

In a decade, or so, I expect America will have to lease a private army of mercenaries to provide national defense.

The decision to repeal DADT was not only naïve -- it was just plain stupid. America will pay a price in blood that can be slathered upon the hands of those politicians who endorsed it, upon the Commander-in-Chief who signed it into law, and upon the military leaders of the America military who had not the cajones to stand up and be counted and tell the Congress and the President the truth concerning their responsibility for destruction of America’s prized military.

It is a sad day for America and a happy day for America’s enemies.

J. D. Longstreet

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