Thursday, July 22, 2010

America: From A “SNAFU” To A “FUBAR”

America: From A “SNAFU” To A “FUBAR”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

In an article titled at entitled “Our Big Mistake,” Cal Thomas says: “The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is dismantling the America we have known and loved and transforming it into something it has never been: a socialist state. If we let them do it, there will be no forgiveness, no excuse, and no going back. And our shame will be an indelible stain for which future generations will judge us.” (SOURCE)

How RIGHT he is! Mr. Thomas is pointing something out, to his readers, which we warned of, long and loud, during the presidential campaign of 2008. We did not SUGGEST this would happen, we told you, flat out, that if WOULD happen, not because we are so darned smart, but because history has taught us that you cannot place men like Obama in power and NOT expect them to assume dictatorial powers even if that means fundamentally transforming the country into a socialist dung heap in order to secure that power unto themselves. But, then again, it was not only we who predicted this, it was Obama, himself, who promised “fundamental change” in America.

Well, America elected Obama and as the bumper sticker asks: “How’s that hopey/changey thingy working out for you, huh?” I’d have to answer as the old farm boy that I am: “Not too goooood!” The fact of the matter is – it is an unmitigated disaster!

Mr. Thomas goes on to say: The taxing and regulating has only just begun. The Obama people are not intrinsically evil. Like someone caught up in a cult, they sincerely believe in the fiction they are peddling: more taxes will produce a healthier economy; the record debt is not a problem; more regulation will result in banks and big businesses operating ethically and for the greater good of their customers and the country; nationalized health care will mean better care for the sick; unrestricted abortion and same-sex marriage are fine; unenforced immigration laws are good because Democrats need to import votes and Republicans want cheap labor.” (SOURCE)
I have a slight disagreement with Mr. Thomas here. The people of the Obama Regime may not be intrinsically evil, but, taken as a whole, I am very afraid that, collectively, they have become evil.

The country is broke and Obama and his socialist cronies with their socialist/marxist agenda for America are making it “broker.” America is so deep in a financial hole it will literally take generations to get out -- IF we are fortunate enough to survive, as a constitutional republic, far enough into the future to make survival as a single fifty-state nation worthwhile. THAT is a BIG if!

Now we know we were lied to about Obamacare. We were lied to about taxes. We were lied to about federally funded abortions under ObamaCare -- and that just scratches the surface of the parade of lies marching in lock step out of the Obama White House. And, as singer Al Jolson used to say: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Consider the following items on the Obama/democrat/socialist/marxist/progressive agenda:

Plans for OPEN BORDERS, plans for a ONE-WORLD FOREIGN POLICY, plans to LEGALIZE DRUGS, plans legalize EUTHANASIA, plans to DE CONSTRUCT THE MORAL VALUE AND ATTITUDES OF AMERICA and THE WESTERN WORLD, plans to push PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY OF RIGHTS AND ENTITLEMENTS, plans for the “get richer” scheme for America’s elite -- referred to as the CAP AND TRADE SYSTEM, and more, much more.

Just consider the Democratic Party today. Some say socialists have HIJACKED THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, AND NOW they OWN IT LOCK, STOCK and BARREL. (I’m not entirely sure the Democratic Party WAS hi-jacked by the socialists. I tend to lean toward what I believe is closer to the truth -- and that is that the Democratic Party found it had much more in common with the socialists than it did with democratic Americans and, therefore, simply embraced the socialist agenda and made it theirs. The handful of true democrats remaining in that political party are sick at heart over what has happened to their political party. But, again, if history tells us anything -- it is that the Democratic Party is lost, forever, to socialism/Marxism.
Republicans should not become complacent, for the same socialist movement is creeping into the GOP’s fold and will, if not ruthlessly stamped out, consume them, as well.

Shortly after the Obama Regime took power in the US we speculated as to whom, exactly, was running the Obama Regime. Many of us, with the same question, came to refer to this behind the scenes puppeteer as the Shadow Government. It was quickly apparent to practiced observers of American politics that someone was pulling Obama’s strings and had been for a very long time.
For a young man to come out of near obscurity, with a shadowy history, to suddenly appear in the limelight and gather such a following does not just happen. It is carefully, meticulously, planned over years. Obama is that man.

Obama, with seeming messianic powers, became a fatal attraction for millions of American who bought his promises and fell in behind him as the children of Hamelin did the Pied Piper. The results are turning out to be very much alike.

Obama is America’s Big Mistake. It may yet be a fatal mistake.

This November, in the Mid-Term Election, Americans have a chance to blunt the power of Obama and the man, or men, behind him, the puppeteer, sometimes referred to as the shadow government. In order to do so conservatives must vote in record numbers against the democratic candidates and GOP candidates who have shown any inclination toward supporting Obama’s socialist/marxist agenda. We must regain control of at least one house of the Congress.

As to the title for this column – SNAFU is an old military acronym. It stands for “Situation Normal – All ****** Up! America normally is, shall we say, “messed” up. But that is the hallmark of a democratic nation. Believe me, it would have been much worse had our forefather not chosen to create a constitutional “representative” republic for the people of this country.

When Obama and his minions took control of the US government “SNAFU” was the order of the day. Within eighteen months, or so, the Obama Regime has managed to take America from “SNAFU” to “FUBAR,” which means “****** up Beyond All Recognition.” I suspect that is why so many Americans do not recognize their country anymore.

J. D. Longstreet

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