Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where did the “Silent Majority” go???

Where did the “Silent Majority” go???
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

During the decade of the seventies the “Silent Majority” was often spoken of in the press. Prominent politicians, including the President, openly sought their support.
Well, where did they go?
Oh, they’re still here… and just as powerful as before. You see them everyday. They’re all around you. They are the folks you see at parties who stand around the edges of a group discussing politics. They rarely have any input into the discussion… they just absorb it. They’re the folks who do not sit in on the coffee klatch discussion on politics and world affairs.

They’re the people who go to church, nearly every Sunday, and raise their children to be respectful of others and live useful, productive lives. They send their kids to church supported universities and colleges for a good education, rather than an indoctrination in the ways of the political left.

The Silent Majority is the folk who never miss an opportunity to vote. They believe men died to give them that opportunity, and they will not abuse the memory of those heroic men by not going to the polls to vote. They are also the people who will not tell those taking the Exit Polls who they voted for. They voted in secret, it’s their secret, and they will keep it, often never even divulging it to their families. They are, for the most part, conservative in politics as well as religion.

These are the people who shop at Wal-Mart, and K-mart, and drive 2, 3 or 4 year old cars. Most own their own homes. They have savings accounts and they have a family budget, which they will not abuse. Their lives are built around their families and their church. Many are veterans of America’s armed forces. They believe this country is worth fighting for and they will put their own lives on the line to protect her. They view politics as a necessary evil. They believe they should always vote for the man who best represents their belief. They will not support a candidate just because he, or she, wears the label of the party to which they, themselves, are registered.

They wield enormous power. These people can make, or break, a presidential election. When they step into the voting booth, they speak, loud and clear. It is there that the Silent Majority rejects their silence and shouts their politics to the world.

Today the Silent Majority has joined forces with the outspoken Conservative Movement in America in a desperate attempt to save America from the clutches of socialism.

President Obama and our socialist Congress should be mindful of these powerful Americans. They see it all, and they hear it all, and they silently form their conclusion about who should get their support. Politicians, beware! You neglect the Silent Majority at your peril.-- especially now that they have found their audible voice through the outspoken Conservative Movement (Example: The Tea Party movement).

Then -- there is the Mainstream Media. The voice of the American left. They make fun of one of the mightiest forces in American politics. The Silent Majority never fails to notice the press’s stifled giggles; and their backhanded insults of the conservative politics of these very real, very patriotic, Americans. They see it all and… they remember… and they take those memories into the voting booth with them.

So, here’s to the Silent Majority! May God bless them!

J.D. Longstreet

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