Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama Bowing and Scraping His Way Around the Globe.

Obama Bowing and Scraping His Way Around the Globe.
Totally Unbecoming of an American President
Embarrassing and Humiliating to the American People!!!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Will someone in Obama’s Regime please take him aside and explain to him that the American President does not, repeat: does not ever, under any circumstances, BOW to another world leader -- at anytime or for any reason!

My God, folks, this is past embarrassing. This gives the impression that Obama is representing an America in a state of “submission” to the country to which he, Obama, is bowing!

I have lived thru embarrassing presidential administrations before, a number of them: Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and now OBAMA. But, I have to tell you, the Obama regime is the worst for dragging America down and placing her in submission to other countries and organizations, such as the corrupt UN, and other “entities” we know nothing about… yet.

Where are the shrinks when we need one? I want to hear a certified shrink tell me why Obama feels he must submit to any world leader on the globe let alone ALL OF THEM!!!

If there was ever a pathetic sight in the history of the world it was/is of the President of the United States of America bowing, period. It matters not to whom he is bowing.

Yes, I have known all along, since day one of the Presidential campaign, that Obama suffers from a massive inferiority complex. He wants, no, he NEEDS, to be loved and loved BY EVERYONE! He craves that love and adoration so much that he is willing to crawl to the tattered and tarnished thrones of “has been” foreign powers and prostrate himself in a sign of total submission just to receive a moment’s notice from them. Obama gives the impression he is begging scraps from their tables. His conduct in the presence of other world leaders is AWFUL, just AWFUL!

Obama’s minions are trying to sell the American public that Obama was just observing protocol. Protocol my Aunt Fanny! There is NO SUCH PROTOCOL. None. Nowhere in the protocol handbook for the American President does it say an American President must bow to a foreign leader!

This is past embarrassing. This is into the “Realm of Unreality.”

Ok, the bottom line: If the President wants to fly around the world and play a game of “Kiss A**” then I want it clear, to all the leaders around the globe, that he sure as hell is NOT BOWING FOR ME and for the majority of Americans who find his antics embarrassing and humiliating -- and not a little insane!

J. D. Longstreet

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