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America Betrayed!
J. D. Longstreet


It gives me no joy to remind you that we told you this Congress and this President would do this to America. I refer, of course to the betrayal of America by the US House of Representatives when they passed the Cap and Trade Bill last week (June 26th, 2009 - another day that may yet live in infamy!)

The vote was 219 for and 212 against. Nevertheless, HR 2454 passed and now goes to the Senate for a vote there and then to the President for his signature.

It was a black day for Republicans because the bill could have been stopped had not the handful of Republicans who voted for the bill not done so. You need to remember their names:

Mary Bono Mack - California 45th District
Mike Castle - Delaware
Mark Kirk - Illinois 10th District
Leonard Lance - New Jersey 7th District
Frank LoBiondo - New Jersey 2nd District
John McHugh - New York 23rd District
Dave Reichert - Washington 8th District
Chris Smith - New Jersey 4th District
The primaries are coming up next year, 2010. This is far too important an issue to forget. We must not allow GOP voters to forget those from among their ranks who sold the party, and the nation, out with their support of this “Bill to Destroy America.”

In the meantime, we have to contact our US Senators and let them know, in no uncertain terms, how we feel about what the US House has done and explain, clearly, that we will not stand for them supporting this bill in the Senate. Let them know that you/we are “taking names” and we will not allow the memory of this issue to flag, or be swept under the rug when their name next shows up on our ballots. E-mail, fax, phone, or write (altho only the Good Lord, Himself, knows when a letter will actually reach a US Senator these days!) your Senators immediately, if not sooner. You can bet the democrat’s-in-charge are going to ram this bill through the Senate just as fast as they can to try to get out ahead of our protests. You can access the phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses for every senator in the US Senate HERE.

As is his wont, Alan Caruba has written a piece, an important piece, I might add, that all Americans should read. You will find it HERE.

I have included it in this piece because Mr. Caruba’s insight into this rogue Congress, we currently have in Washington, DC is, in my opinion, without equal and when he decides to share that insight with us, it is worth careful consideration. Please don’t leave this site before you read what he has written below.

The next meeting of the Tea Parties is set for Independence Day, July Fourth. It is an opportunity to rally Americans, who still care about their country, to a showdown with the US Senate, the Congress as a whole, and our socialist President. If there had been any question in your minds as to the intent of the Socialist/Democrat Congress and President toward destabilizing America, her economy, and her standing among the nations of the world, then the passage of the Cap and Trade bill should erase all doubt. If this bill passes in the Senate - the entire worldwide geo-political alignment of nations will shift almost overnight. America will no longer be considered the world’s leader. She’ll just be another member of the pack.

Americans who care about their country cannot let this pass. We must rally and defend our country.

Please read Mr. Caruba’s commentary below.
J. D. Longstreet
Betrayed by Congresss
By Alan Caruba

Mark it on your calendar; June 26, 2009 was the date that the House of Representatives betrayed every American in the name of saving the nation and the Earth from global warming.

It was the day that 219 Representatives voted for the obscenely misnamed “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.” Only eight Republican members of the House voted for it and 44 Democrats voted against it.

The bill, some 1,200 pages, was not read by those men and women voting on it because they were not permitted the time to do so or have their staffs do it. The co-author of the bill, Rep. Henry Waxman, admitted that even he did not know its full contents.

The vote was not based on science, on economics, or simple common sense. It was an exercise in raw political power exercised by the Speaker of the House and her minions.

The bill puts limits on the generation of “greenhouse gases”, primarily carbon dioxide, setting up an elaborate scheme for the sale and trade of so-called carbon credits that will ultimately be the equivalent of the bundled housing mortgage securities that produced the present threat to the nation’s financial system. It is a get-rich scheme that will benefit a few while penalizing every American with higher costs for electricity.

The limits are justified by the claim that the Earth is dramatically warming due to too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The Earth has been cooling for the last ten years and is predicted to continue cooling for thirty years or more. Carbon dioxide plays no role in the warming or cooling of the Earth.

The bill is a direct attack on the nation’s coal industry. Fifty percent of all the electricity generated nationwide comes from coal-fired plants. The U.S. has deposits of coal sufficient to meet the nation’s needs for hundreds of years. It is cheap and it is abundant. No new coal-fired plants will be built in America in the foreseeable future. Coal that is not utilized here will be exported to China, a nation that is building new coal-fired plants and opening them on a weekly basis to meet its need for power.

The bill also allocates billions for the development of the two worst, most inefficient and unpredictable sources of electricity, wind and solar energy. Presently, these represent barely one percent of all the electricity generated in the nation. There is no way, nor should there be, they can replace coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy as a source of electricity. They are also the alleged source of “green” jobs.

As for “security”, a nation that cannot access its own sources of energy, coal, oil and natural gas, has no security if it must import them from other nations, some of whom are hostile to our values and system of government. The bill puts our fate in the hands of nations that support the goals of Islamic global domination. It puts the nation at the mercy of men like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and explains why President Obama made a deep bow to a Saudi prince earlier this year.

The bill must now go to the Senate where it is hoped that the upper body, though controlled by Democrats, will ensure it does not move on to the desk of the President.

If it passes in the Senate, the beginning of the actual decline of America as a great economy will be dated June 26, 2009.

Without abundant power, electricity for our homes, offices and factories; without gasoline for our cars and trucks, America will become a failed nation.

Alan Caruba
FounderThe National Anxiety Center

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