Saturday, June 27, 2009

Selmer TN TEA Party Today

Well, some local folks finally got together and are throwing their own TEA Party! Whoo Hoo! Now, since I don't have an official logo thingy, this picture will have to do!


Where: Selmer City Park - Selmer, Tennessee

When: 27 June 2009, 1:00 till 2:00

Why: To put it quite bluntly, PEOPLE ARE FED UP!



Ellen said...

How many of you TN tea partiers are aware of the fact that TN GETS more in Federal funding than it GIVES to the gov’t in taxes? We have many fine roads and schools here that we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the Blue states that give much more in taxes than they receive. I don’t see that you have a helluva lot to complain about. And where were you for the past 8 years when Bush put us into this financial mess and never vetoed one single spending bill?

Kate said...

Are you freakin' kidding me????? Why the hell should someone in Idaho pay for dick in TN??? And vice versa! And believe me, we bitched plenty about Bush's spending, but if you want to get accurate, the biggest spending started when the Dhimmicrats took over Congress! It is NOT their money! My money is not YOUR money! Theft is still stealing no matter who does it!

Dr. Dave said...

Hell,'re a bit late to this post, no?

You need to stop listening to the MSM, who marginalize TEA partiers into greedy little wingnuts who don't want to pay any taxes at all.

It's about much, MUCH, more than that. It's about taking back this country from the bloody socialists who put us in the mess. W made some huge gaffes, but to blame this on him is like walking around talking out of your ass, like Al Gore does.

Get educated before you come in here all hot and bothered, three friggin' weeks after a post goes up.

Joe said...


The idea that I am responsible for someone or everybody else’s health care is totally IMMORAL. The supposition that ‘we are our brother’s keeper’ does not apply when you use government coercion. As individuals we may help the less fortunate. But when government forces it as compulsory, under threat of penalty, it is no longer ‘charity’ or acting as my ‘brother’s keeper’.
It is not only expensive and inefficient by but it is also IMMORAL!
The whole idea of a “right” to health care is against justice. It suggests that free people in a free nation and free market of medical care will no longer be permitted to act in their own best interest without government bureaucrat’s permission. The supposed “right” to receive health care at someone else’s expense is the cause of most of today’s health care escalating cost. The many attempts at social justice are the source of most of the problems in our current health care market. For the last 60 years the ‘do gooders’ have been trying to persuade the ‘silent majority’ that “social justice” means everyone is responsible for everyone else’s bills and no one is responsible for their own. This causes health care patients to accept, even expect far more ‘test’ and ‘procedures’ than we need or would accept if each of us were responsible for ourselves. This leads to the escalating prices the administration conveniently blames on the ‘free market system. The administration then uses this to justify even more government crippling controls on both the patient and the health care providers. Once the short comings of ObamaCare become evident the supposed need for more paralyzing controls will only get worse. We now have a world leading health care system in this country but under Obamacare it will slowly become mediocre in service with rationed care and continued spiraling cost.
Please get government out of my doctor/patient relationship.

Kate said...

Joe, this was posted nearly a year ago. I'm a bit confused on why you added your comment on this particular post, when more recent ones from others would have addressed your concerns in more detail.

That being said, I agree. It is not the government's job to be a charity, at the tax payers expense.