Saturday, May 2, 2009

The TEA Party? Why the hell not?

For quite a long time I have been told that a 3rd party is out of the question. I want to know WHY?? Is that simply the words of *defeatists* that are afraid to try something new??

I have been told that we can't HAVE a 3rd party and that our only hope is to SAVE the GOP/RNC and remake them.

To that idea I say: BULL SHIT!!

After having *slept on it* and after giving it MUCH thought, screw the GOP, the RNC and all the asshat RINOs that have ruined it…

It’s time to rebuild and on that point I WILL NOT back up or concede… I didn’t ruin the Dems, I didn’t make the Dems go stupid and go off the chart on LIBBER issues, but I am old enough to remember when being a Dem was a GOOD thing. When it wasn’t, we all became Repubs, that was Mr. Reagan at work.

Now, the Repubs are OFF the reservation, so, where do we turn?? Back to the Dems?? Not me!!

It’s time to take this to a new level, and an Independent, 3rd party, 100% Conservative, America 1st, strict adherence to the U.S. constitution party is the only way I am going to go…

No more asshat LIBBERS, no more asshat Dem-Lite, no more faux conservatives. NEVER settle for the lesser of the evils again folks, it’s up to YOU!!

And by God if people can’t get off their asses and work to save this nation, if they aren’t willing to venture into uncharted waters and help form a REAL party of 100% Conservatives, then we are at an impasse and America is suffering a not so slow death because of it…

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