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The Other America ... J. D. Longstreet

The Other America
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

If we have learned anything from the most recent Presidential Election, it is that there are, indeed, two Americas.

For years, your's truly has written of the two Americas and how a nation divided as is America cannot possibly last as a single viable state.

A few weeks ago, back when America chose national suicide as its end, the election results presented every American (not blinded by pure self interest) the clearest picture yet of just how divided America REALLY is. 

Shortly after the election, petitions went up on a government website signed by at least a million American citizens asking for their states to be allowed to secede from America and create a new nation of their own.  There were petitions from every state in the union.

Those petitions were -- and are -- totally useless as a means to obtain separation from the US government.  What they DID do, however, is allow citizens to express their desire to be rid of the current socialist government in charge of their country by simply leaving America and creating their own country, which would adopt the old, nearly forgotten, US Constitution as THEIR founding document.

If only things were that simple.

The Obama Regime has already changed America -- forever. We are no longer one nation under God.  We are two nations under Obama with one chomping at the bit for independence from the oligarchic socialist government in place in Washington today. 

Back in 2005 I penned these words:  "The US is so politically divided these days… that there is simply no way to do much of anything without politics coming into it.  The only other time in our history I have read and heard of such divisiveness was in the last years just prior to, as we Southerners call it: “The War of Northern Aggression”.  Officially, the law calls it the “War Between the States”.  It leads one to believe that things, here in the US, will get much worse before they begin to get any better."

I went on:  "The US really has become two nations.  It becomes clearer every day.  Nations cannot survive divided as we are.  Even the Bible says,'A house divided will not stand”.

Then I waxed prophetic:  "How do we save our Republic?  I don’t think we can.  Looking at a map 100 years from today, I would expect to see, not one country, but two, or even three, where the US is represented today.

As difficult as it is to say it, I now believe the US is in its declining years.  And, as so many have said before, the demise of the US will be an act of suicide." 

As far back as seven years ago, some conservative scribes were looking ahead and predicting the mess America finds herself in today. Believe me, it wasn't THAT difficult.

It has also become clear that America's two party political system is doomed.  The Republican Party (the GOP) is imploding.  It has adopted so much of the old Democratic Party's ideology that it is now referred to as "democrat lite."  Conservatives are leaving in droves looking for a conservative political party and vowing to found one if necessary,  That will crush the GOP and send it to the back benches forever.

The Democratic Party remains in name only. It is now a full blown Socialist/Marxist party.  They don't even deny it anymore.  I can tell you, with no hesitation, they will be the dominant  political party for as far into the future as the eye can see -- in Old America. 

But there WILL be a New America  -- as there MUST be. You may count on it.  We are united in name only, even today. It is only a matter of time before the people of the various states press their state legislatures to separate from America and reestablish their sovereignty as separate countries.  It won't happen overnight.  The last time it happened it took approximately forty years for the movement to gain enough strength to realize its goal.  We all know how it ended, but I don't expect the same ending this time.

The coming split of states from the US will not have a clearly defined geographical demarcation line such as the Mason-Dixon Line in 1861.  That gave us northern states against southern states.  Today seceding  states will be all over the geography we call America today.  Any war to force those states back into the union would, of necessity, be a continental war affecting all the peoples of America.  I don't believe anyone is that interested in holding the country together by force today.

You may scoff, if you choose.  But the wise among us already understand that the "Other America" already exists.  (So does the US government.) 

Geographically the "Other America" covers the heart of the US from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, most of the mid-Atlantic states, and the southeastern states ... with some exceptions, of course.  Note, too that the area of the "Other America" controls the gain and petroleum production centers for the nation.  You can quickly see how economically devastating such a separation would be to the US.

So -- call me nuts if you choose, but believe me, a gaggle of egg-heads in some think tank(s) somewhere have already thought this through -- and have planned accordingly.

I am convinced that between now and the beginning of Obama's third term in 2017, the federal government is going to bring its mailed fist down on the people of America.  I suspect that when that happens you may harken back to the words of this scribe and possibly agree that I was not as crazy as you thought back in 2012.

© J. D. Longstreet 
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