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Conservatives Will Not Vote For Moderates or Liberals ... J. D. Longstreet

Conservatives Will Not Vote For Moderates or Liberals
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Rush Limbaugh has it right.  As long as the GOP runs moderates and liberals at the top of the ticket they will continue to lose the  White House.

Millions of conservative GOP voters stayed home last Election Day.  The estimate was around four million.  That is the conservative base of the Republican Party.  And they will continue to stay home -- or change their registration (as I did) to Independent --  rather than support a candidate for President who is not conservative.

Conservatives do not compromise their core values. Supporting a moderate or a liberal simply because he sails under the flag of the GOP is totally unacceptable. 

Turning the GOP more and more to the left is destroying the party.  It guarantees minority status for the GOP for as far into the future as the eye can see.

Limbaugh said THIS about THAT:  “In politics, if we had at the electoral level somebody who could articulate conservatism passionately and from the heart without a teleprompter, without notes, we wouldn’t be in this mess. People respond to it when it’s properly explained. But it’s been so castigated, besmirched, impugned that many conservatives are defensive about it.

“And now there’s a popular movement: ‘Well, we’re gonna have to moderate our stand on immigration, we have to actually maybe be for amnesty. Moderate our view on abortion and kind of forget about the social issues. We’re gonna have to forget being concerned about any kind of morality now. That’s the only way we’re gonna get re-elected. And that’s why we’re losing.”

Rush is spot on. 

The election of 2016 is a long way off -- or is it?  Candidates are already lining up supporters and money -- and the dust hasn't even settled from the 2012 election.  But that is the way of things now ... the perpetual campaign.

Unless there is an act of God, it is almost certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party's candidate for President in 2016. 

Hillary is another "progressive" just like Obama. 

"Progressive" is just another word for "Marxist."  If you look up the word "progressive" in the dictionary,  you will almost certainly find Hillary's photo beside it.

On the day of this writing, we learn that Jeb Bush will most likely seek the nomination of the GOP as their candidate for President -- as will Marco Rubio.  

While I have great respect for Mr. Bush, he has a snowball's chance against Hillary.  Rubio has an even less chance. 

Mr. Bush is a moderate. He will have the same problem with conservative republicans (and conservative Independents) staying home on election day -- rather than compromise their core principals, their core belief -- as did Mr. Romney.   Again, that means millions of conservative voters will not vote for the GOP candidate effectively handing the victory to the Democrats.   

Frankly, I don't know WHAT Mr. Rubio is.  I would say, at this point, that I find his background suspect as to his eligibility to even run for the office of President as he is not a natural born citizen of the US.  That IS open to argument, but never, ever, allow yourself to believe, for one instant, the left or the Mainstream Media (one and the same, actually) will give Rubio the same leeway on his eligibility as they did Obama. It will NOT happen.  They will tear him to shreds.

Paul Ryan needs more mileage and experience, while Rand Paul has roughly the same chance as did his father, slim and none. 

It's time for a little straight shooting -- so, here goes:   Running minority candidates under the GOP banner will never work.  The Republican Party is NOT the party of minorities in the US.  It OUGHT to be -- BUT IT IS NOT -- and never will be -- unless and until the minorities decide, for themselves, they want to take responsibility for their own lives, and their own fortunes, and their own futures, and discontinue their role as "wards of the state."  Until that happens, ALL GOP efforts to "win" them over is simply blowing in the wind, wasted effort.

Rush is right.  When the Republican Party places a conservative at the top of the ticket it will begin to win again.  But not until.

© J. D. Longstreet

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