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One Vote Saved This Nation ... J. D. Longstreet

Editor's note:  I wrote this column in June of 2008 before Obama was elected the first time.  I believe it STILL holds a message for America that is extremely important. 

Thank you.

One Vote Saved This Nation
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The Supreme Court of the US came within one vote of decreeing the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, a part of the Bill of Rights, unconstitutional.  ONE vote!  And we are celebrating???  It took 9 “learned” people in black robes to tell us the second amendment means what it says.  Do you realize we were one vote away from splitting this nation apart more clearly than the Mason-Dixon line ever did?

An idiot can read the 2nd Amendment and tell you what it says and what it means. But because our liberal friends have muddied the waters of what the word “right” means, over the past few decades, we had to have a pronouncement from the Supreme Court of the land to settle the issue.  Problem is, it didn’t settle anything.  It has only opened up a slew of new platforms for numerous additional challenges to the rights granted US Citizens under the 2nd amendment.

The fact that one of our rights under the bills of rights was saved by one vote ought to scare the hell out of all Americans!  This is how fragile our freedom has become.  This vote reflects just how tenuous our grasp on liberty is in this 21st century.  Those of us who believe in the freedom granted by the original constitution are holding on by the skin of our teeth.  Nobody gives a damn anymore about living free.  If Americans actually BELIEVED in America one tenth as much as the founders of this country did, the issue would never have been considered serious enough to go before the Supreme Court. There would have been no need. The Second Amendment says Americans may keep and bear arms.  It means…. Americans may keep and bear arms!

When America has a supreme court as political as this one, and as unrepresentative of America as this one, we need to take a serious look at ridding the country of this all too powerful institution.

Look, the unspoken driving force behind the presidential election this year is whether we continue to live free, or we elect another socialist who will appoint left wing, liberal/socialist judges to the Supreme Court and finish off the already struggling representative republic known as the United States of America. THAT’S what this election is about!

The problem is… so few Americans take enough interest in their government, enough interest in anything having to do with the politics of this land, that we go about our days in blissful ignorance of the sacrifice made by those who preceded us to insure the freedoms we are rushing, head-long, to give away today. Our public school system, I am now convinced, deliberately does not teach the constitution anymore.  Graduating students who are barely past functional literacy is just another way of creating an underclass dependent upon those who desire, who seek, and who grasp for power over them.  It is happening right in front of our eyes and we are so blinded with all the propaganda coming at us, from all directions, of our imminent doom from a hoax called global warming, that we cannot see, cannot hear, cannot grasp, that we are being flimflammed by a socialist movement bent on the complete destruction of America as a free nation.

Look at the numbers again.  5 to 4. 5 to 4.  One vote. ONE vote! If there was any reason, any reason, at all, to vote against democrats in November…  THIS vote, dear reader, is it!  If we allow the socialists in this country to gain control of the Supreme Court by electing them is such numbers that they control both houses of the Congress and the office of the President, we will assuredly be stacking the Supreme Court with liberals/socialists. Had we not gotten the last two conservative justices on that court, all gun owners in this country would be awaiting orders today to turn in our weapons. We wouldn’t turn them in, of course, thereby bringing about that split in the country I spoke of earlier.

The Supreme Court has taken on powers the constitution does not grant them.  Today they are acting, not so much as a judicial body, as they are a legislative body, making law by fiat.  That is most certainly not constitutional. The Court is circumventing the US House of Representatives and the US Senate by making law from the bench.

The Supreme Court must be reined-in and I’m afraid the only way that will be accomplished is through a constitutional amendment.  No more lifetime appointments to the court for one thing. No more appointment to the court by the President.  “Would be Justices” must stand for election and then serve only six years… one term only.  And that is just for starters.

As a gun owner, you’d think I’d be celebrating the decision of the court that the 2nd amendment means what it says. But I’m not.  I already knew that!  What I didn’t know was how the court would rule… and I was afraid, frankly, that they WOULD rule that the 2nd amendment was unconstitutional even though it is a part of the constitution! 

We live in exceedingly dangerous times in America. We have lost our love for freedom. We have lost our love of independence. We have lost pride in who we are because we no longer KNOW who we are. Our young yearn for the ways of Europe from which their ancestors braved an ocean and a lethal wilderness to escape.

Finally, if you are a gun owner, may we suggest that you purchase as much ammunition for your weapons as you possibly can… before the taxes begin. Because, as surely as Obama is elected, and the democrats maintain control of the Congress, they are going to tax ammunition so much that it will be out of reach of most gun owners.  If you do not have the equipment to make your own re-loads you might want to consider getting it. The “gun grabbers” are not going away. If you are going to be allowed to keep your gun, then they will find ways to make that weapon inoperable.

I look at America today and I feel as if I am looking at a replay of German history during the 1930’s.  I see crowds lusting after a candidate who offers “hope” and “change”… again. Germany elected him.  Look what happened to Germany.

All of this from a Supreme Court 5 to 4 vote?  No.  I got all of this from that 5th vote… the 5th vote that could have easily gone the other way…the 5th vote that could have sparked a conflagration in America that would have ended in the destruction of this nation. That’s what I am looking at.  That is why I shudder.

© J. D. Longstreet

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