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What Socialism Has Wrought ... J. D. Longstreet

What Socialism Has Wrought
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I read a piece by Robert Rohlfing at Canada Free Press recently that was spot on.  The title of the piece was:  "Let’s Be Honest And Call The Modern Democrat Party The Socialist Party."  Read it here:

If you follow this scribe's scribbling you know that I have been referring to the Democratic Party as socialists for years now.  Why?  Because they are!

If modern Americans weren't so unbelievably dumb neither I nor Mr. Rohlfing  would find it necessary to point out that our country is now ruled my communists -- otherwise known as progressives, liberals, and democrats.  The political ideology of those people is straight out of the Communist Manifesto.  They are disciples of Karl Marx and THEY NOW CONTROL AMERICA!

You know, one of the aspects of belonging to today's modern Democratic Party that really troubles me is this:  How is it possible that so many American who claim to be followers of Christianity can align themselves with the Democratic Party.  I just don't get it. 

The philosophy of the Democratic Party and the philosophy of Christianity are diametrically opposed.   The socialism of the Democratic Party places the state before God -- if and when they recognize that God even exists.   It seems to me that the future eternal residence of one's soul is in serious doubt so long as one is affiliated with the Democratic Party.  As the scriptures teach us, one cannot serve two masters. 

In this scribe's opinion, people of the Christian faith ought not have anything to do with today's so-called Democratic Party. In fact, we are instructed to " ... come out from among them." (2 Corinthians 6:17)

Of course, this is only MY opinion -- arrived at after decades of scripture study. Heck, if you want to risk it, be my quest.

Think about it.  The groups that make up the Democratic Party are better suited as citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah than of America.  In fact we'd suggest a change in the Democratic Party symbol from a Jackass to a pentagram.

I once had a high school teacher who stated -- flat out -- that the ruination of America would come about as the result of ignorance and apathy.  The seriousness with which she delivered that declarative statement struck me and stayed with me all my life.  As the years rolled by it became ever more evident that that dear lady was spot on with her assessment of the causation of America's downfall. 

The ignorance of Americans is now legendary.  Our public education system is the laughing stock of the world.  If you want your children to have an education, I mean a REAL education, you either teach them at home, or you send them to a private non-state-supported school.  You get them out of the failed public education system.

Then there is apathy.  Americans have allowed the government to intrude into every aspect of our lives.  We bought into the nanny state cradle-to-grave care of the government and therefore we don't have to worry about an accursed thing.  The government will fix it.  The government will take care of everything.  Why worry? 

THAT is apathy It is the opposite edge of the two-edged weapon that has pierced the heart of a once vibrant country and laid America out on the mortician's slab.

Centuries ago, when my ancestors grew disgusted with their country, they loaded up the carts and wagons, or boats and ships, and left for another country.  My folks left what we know today as the Netherlands for Germany, then from Germany to Belgium, then to France, then to England, then to Ireland, and, finally, they pulled up stakes and left Ireland headed for America, a land of promise.  They arrived in Charles Town Harbor, South Carolina in 1789.   Later some trekked across the Appalachian Mountains looking for land, space, and more importantly -- freedom.

They were not alone. Many of the old American families did the same thing -- until they reached the last barrier, the Pacific Ocean. It was there they stopped for a hundred years, or so, until the 1960's and America landed men on the moon.  The old flame of freedom, discovery, space, (did I mention freedom),  and well, FREEDOM, burst again into a burning passion to move on, outward to the stars, and maybe beyond.  It didn't matter that we, ourselves,  would never actually leave planet earth, it was the promise, the hope, the dream that mattered.   It was the ability to gaze as far as the eye of one's imagination could see -- without seeing a horizon.   Now America's socialist government has murdered that dream, too.

But that is the way socialism works.  It crushes opportunity, dreams, hopes, and aspirations.  It fuels depression and apathy.  It emasculates the spirit of a people until they lose all hope of anything better than that which the government begrudgingly provides for them -- in exchange for their servitude.   They lose their individualism and eventually their self respect. They become an amorphous lump without even the structure or characteristic of a living body.  They become hollow, a husk, an empty sarcophagus without purpose and useful for nothing.  They/we are slaves.

Isn't it ironic that a black man led America back into to slavery?  That's what socialism is -- slavery to the state.  

Americans feel something they are unused to, today.  FEAR.  It permeates the very air we breathe.  I came to this realization just hours before writing these words.  For several years I have felt it, seen it, and sensed it in others, but until today, I was unable to identify it. 

The bold, even brash, America is gone.  In its place is a timid, meek, hesitant, fearful country unsure of itself and in retreat from any and all leadership roles in the world. Even our military has come to accept subservience to other, less powerful, militaries.  US troops now routinely accept  retreat, defeat, and withdrawal under the guidance of our socialist Commander-in-Chief.

Why is this happening?  FEAR.

Our President fears leading.  He is loathe to lead. He hesitates, even when hesitation raises the danger level and places lives in jeopardy.  He waffles, unsure of himself, even when lives hang in the balance. No President, no nation, can effectively lead when hamstrung by fear.  HIS fear has predictably infected the masses. 

We no longer have confidence in tomorrow.  We have finally accepted that tomorrow will present just like yesterday -- hopeless.

THIS, dear reader, is socialism -- not AMERICAN socialism -- SOCIALISM, period.  The socialism we are experiencing in America today, the socialism championed by the so-called Democratic Party, is no different than the socialism that executed all the nations sampling it BEFORE the US.  It is a terminal illness, incurable, with national death a certainty. 

So, what's to be done.  Nothing CAN be done until after the collapse of the county.  We spurned the last chance we had on November 6th.  The dye is cast. The grand experiment that was America is ended ... in failure.   Inertia may carry us along for a few more years, decades even, but we can never hope to reacquire our former glory as a constitutional representative republic. That dream is dead.  The metamorphosis into some sort of socialist dictatorship that will utterly destroy the nation is well underway.  My best advice to you, my readers, today is that you prepare for the chaos and anarchy that will accompany America's imminent collapse.

Understand:  The option to SAVE America no longer exists.   If the core of this nation, if a REMNANT of  freedom loving Americans has any chance to construct a NEW America based on the wishes and desires of the Founders of the Old America, then our current country, our current system, must, indeed, perish utterly.  It cannot be allowed to poison the establishment of a new, free, republic  -- IF -- a republican form of government is what the new founders decide will best serve a new America.  Nothing is certain on a future America at this point.       

Problem is, I suspect there are forces at work, even now, preparing an alternative government to replace the constitutional government of Old America upon the collapse of our current government.  Chances are, it will bear little resemblance to the original constitutional government the Founders of America gave us. 

THIS is what socialism, supported by the ignorance and apathy of American citizens, has wrought. 

In ancient vampire lore it is said that the vampire -- with its attendant death and destruction -- cannot enter a home unless invited in.   The same applies to socialism.  America flung its door wide, reached out, and with hyper enthusiasm dragged socialism inside -- and sealed its doom. 

This scribe's voice was only one among thousands raised in warning -- for decades -- cautioning against beguilement by socialism and its disciples.  "This way lies destruction,"  we cried.  Yet, our voices went unheeded amidst the mad dash to embrace national death.

As this formerly great nation stands precariously on the cusp of the dustbin of history, we take no joy, and certainly no comfort, in having been right.  The feeling most often expressed to me by my fellow conservative commentators is deep, abiding, sorrow accompanied by a sense of inadequacy.   Were we inadequate to the task?  The answer will elude us until some day, in that great cosmic debriefing room, the answer will confront us -- and I suspect it will be shattering.

For well over a hundred years, Bible scholars have pondered why America is not mentioned in the Bible's description of the gathering of all the world's great powers in preparation for the final battle between good and evil at the ancient city of Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley of Israel.  Seems to me, we now have the answer to that puzzlement.  America will have long since ceased to exist.

J. D. Longstreet

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