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Allow Israel to Clean Out the Viper's Nest! ... J. D. Longstreet

Allow Israel to Clean Out the Viper's Nest!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Some advice to the world:  Shut the hell up and allow Israel to clean out the viper's nest that is the Gaza Strip! It is nothing more that a snake pit filled to over flowing with terrorists and so-called Palestinians.  It is a pus-filled boil that begs to be lanced and drained. 

Has anyone noticed the barrage of missiles being fired upon Israeli civilians from the Gaza Strip?   Does anyone even care?

I mean, Israel IS a JEWISH state after all!  And YES, I am stating, flat-out, that all the vilifying of Israel, especially now when she is defending herself, can be read only one way.  It is out and out antisemitism.

Seems to me a full-out invasion and occupation of the Gaza Strip by Israel would be justified. And this time Israel should begin at the northern border of the Strip and drive the Palestinians and their terrorist co-inhabitants completely off that piece of real estate and into Egypt. Then seal the border with Egypt.
Since 1948 the Gaza strip has been a pain in the backside of Israel. Time and again they have had to deal with that unsavory lot of Israel/Jew haters who want to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. 

Israel has taken and taken and taken abuse such as terrorist plots, kidnappings, bombings, missile attacks, abuse no other country on the face of the earth would be expected to tolerate.  Yet when Israel makes a move to defend itself by removing the threat, all the world's vitriol is aimed at Israel -- not the so-called "Palestinians" and their brother terrorists.

I will never forget, to my dying day, the joy, the dancing in the streets, and passing out of special celebratory candies by the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip upon news of the World Trade Center attack in the US.  Those pictures remain burned into my mind, fused to the walls of my psyche.   Any empathy I MAY have had for "those people," from that moment on, was entirely gone.

It is past time for Israel to clean out the Gaza Strip. 

It is understood, by those who follow such things, that once the Israeli raid on Iran's nuclear facilities takes place, Israel proper will come under attack from both the north and south by surrogates of Iran -- Hezbollah and Hamas.  If Israel is able to neutralize the Gaza Strip in the on-going action now, it will reduce the threat, at least from the south, and allow them to concentrate on wiping out Iran's proxies to Israel's north.

I must say I am enormously impressed with the bravery of the Gaza Strip terrorists.  They fire hundreds of rockets into Israel and the moment Israel begins to strike back they begin begging for a truce.  Reminds of the kid who murdered both his parents and asked the court for mercy because he was an orphan!  Same thing.  And yet -- the world falls for it every time!  Even our feckless President and State Department seem to have some sort of misplaced empathy for that armpit of a piece of real estate and its murderous squatters.

Look, when an organization chooses the word "martyr" as a part of their name, I sort of expect their adversary to take them at their word and do his dead level best to grant their wish for martyrdom?  Hey!  Maybe I'm wrong!  Maybe adopting that word as a part of their name is just more of their "strutting posture" along with their "pretension of manhood."   Ya THINK?

At the risk of sounding a bit childish, the terrorists in the Gaza strip DID start this.  As is almost always the case, their mouths have written a check their behinds cannot cash and now they are screaming for a truce, for the world to save them from those oh, so mean Israelis!  What pathos. What cowardice.   They actually expect us to feel sympathy and sorrow for their misfortunes?  What?  Are they nuts? 

No, they are not crazyIt is all a well laid out plan to play on the world’s not so latent anti-Semitism toward the Jews. 

It must be a terrible way to live -- as "wards of the world" filled with hatred, spite, bitterness, resentment, and envy -- all directed at (as the scriptures promised) very man.

I say again:  The time is well past for the world to be silent, stand down, and allow Israel to take care of business.   This has been a while in coming.  Now that it is here -- we wish Israel God Speed!

J. D. Longstreet

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