Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Texas Takes Lead: Warning Issued to Foreign Observers of America's Elections

When the far left can't win legitimately, it will do it by any means necessary, and if it means calling in outsiders from foreign nations to tinker with our elections and intimidate our voters, so be it. They've done it.

According to Red State the "Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE, not the UN as is often reported) has announced it will send election observers, with the implication that Voter ID laws are a problem."

The obvious intent is to intimidate conservative voters.

Red State today:

The OSCE is a voluntary organization and it has no binding authority over anyone, which is why Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has warned the OSCE that Texas laws will apply, including bars on unlawful entry of polling places.

Abbott wasn’t shy as he closed his letter:

Elections and election observation are regulated by state law. The Texas Election Code governs anyone who participates in Texas elections—including representatives of the OSCE. The OSCE’s representatives are not authorized by Texas law to enter a polling place. It may be a criminal offense for OSCE’s representatives to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance. Failure to comply with these requirements could subject the OSCE’s representatives to criminal prosecution for violating state law.

An earlier report yesterday said that the OSCE observers would be sent to the following five states: Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida

Send this information to your state AG and ask for the same kind of warning to be issued to these foreign "observers" who are "seeking to apply global governance to the United States."


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