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Obama's October Surprise Fizzled ... J. D. Longstreet

Obama's October Surprise Fizzled
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Days ago we told our readers of reports that the Obama administration was in secret back-channel negotiations with Iran to try to convince Iran to temporarily discontinue their nuclear fuel enrichment program.  This would allow the Obama team to boast that THEY had been able to make a "deal" with Iran to discontinue their endeavor for a nuclear weapon.   

In turn, the sanctions on Iran would be lessened, or dropped altogether.  That was unclear at the time and remains so at this writing.

Of course, the Obama team emphatically denied such back-channel negotiations were going on.  But, frankly, they lie so often that we simply didn't believe them. 

So, comes the report in the bastion of print liberalism, the New York Times, that, indeed, such talks were held.    Here's a link to the story in the Times:

On Monday, October 22nd, Obama meets Romney for their final debate before the election.  This debate will be on the topic "foreign policy." 

If it is even possible, Obama is in even worse shape on foreign policy than he is on the economy here at home.  He badly needs something to bring to the table for that debate Monday.

All the previous weekend, I waited for news to break that a drone attack has killed the perpetrators of the Libyan consulate murders, but as of this writing -- nothing.  Barring that, I had expected the story of the direct talks with Iran would break.  It did.

If you read the entire article from the New York Times link we supplied above you will learn there is a bit of a problem for the Obama Team so far as the results of the talks is concerned.  It seems the Iranians want to wait until AFTER the election and talk THEN to whomever the President is AFTER January 20th, 2013!  Slick, huh?

Actually, there is another problem with the outcome of those talks, so far.  It would seem  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, has not agreed to any of this.  We can't confirm, nor deny, what Khamenei has, or has not, agreed to, if anything.

This whole thing seems about to blow up in Obama's face, anyway.  So the Obama Team is denying it ever happened -- or IS happening.  They have spun such a web of lies that it is just impossible to take them seriously, anymore.

What is, however, becoming clear, little by little, is that the American electorate is fed up with their treatment by the Obama administration.   Obama's condescension toward the American proletariat has finally turned on him and he now senses the bitterness the Americans feel toward him and his cadre of socialist/communist minions.

Over the past few weeks, millions of Americans have had the scales fall from their eyes as they have seen what an "empty suit" Obama really is.

When he walked onto the stage of the first debate confident that his silkened voice and golden tonsils would decimate Mr. Romney, and wipe clear of his path all before him, it became clear that he was a narcissistic man, stuck on himself, supremely confident in his own ability to conquer all, and -- totally WRONG!  He became instantly transparent to the masses and only those who would not allow themselves to see the did not see it.
There is a reason the old snake oil salesmen of an earlier era never visited the same market twice.  They had been "seen through."  Today we say they have become transparent -- you know, like Obama.

Only amateurs would not have foreseen a blow-back from the secret Iranian talks.  Only amateurs would not have considered the high probability that the Iranians would use any direct talks as a stalling tactic to allow them time to continue -- and possibly complete -- their efforts at acquiring an atomic bomb while, at the same time, forestalling Israel from bombing them back to the stone age.

Only amateurs believe there can be meaningful negotiations with a bunch of fanatics pumped-up by religious zeal who are intent on destroying the world, as we know it, and reshaping it as an Islamic Caliphate (Kingdom) where Shariah Law prevails globally.

It is one thing to negotiate with sane people -- quite another to try to negotiate with religious zealots out to slit your throat -- and the throats of your family -- all because you will not submit to THEIR god.

There is still a week and a half to go before the month of October is past.  There is still time for Obama to pull a rabbit out of his hat.  But, I now believe the time has past for the American electorate to see an October surprise as anything other than a cheap political trick, unworthy of the Office of the President of the United States.

J. D. Longstreet

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