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A Heartbeat Away! ... J. D. Longstreet

A  Heartbeat Away!
What's this "couth" stuff, anyway?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Sheer terror!  That is the reaction I had after the Biden-Ryan
debate.  Vice-President Joe Biden existing a single heartbeat away for the presidency makes my blood run cold.

May I suggest that we all utter a prayer for Obama's safety and continued good health.  The option, Joe Biden as President, is truly, TRULY,  unthinkable.

Conservative commentator Alan Caruba said:  "What we saw and heard was a repeat of the last nearly four years of the Obama administration, one incapable of telling the truth and unwilling to deal with the hard issues whether it was the economy, defense, or foreign affairs."  SOURCE:

In my opinion, the word that best describes Biden's performance during the debate --well, to be truthful, one would have to admit that it is a hallmark of Biden, Obama, and the Democratic Party -- is: condescension .

If you are a conservative and you do not think you are a dumb, ignorant redneck, then may we suggest you visit a liberal blog and leave a well reasoned comment.  Heck, you don't even have to go to THAT much trouble.  If you have your own blog just check the comments for "liberal leavings" and you will instantly see they ALL take a condescending attitude toward anyone with the temerity to claim conservative values as their own. As I said above -- it is the hallmark of "those people." (A bit of condescension on my part stolen, respectfully,  from General Robert E. Lee.  It was his reference to federal forces and their commanders.)

The only thing Biden needed, during the debate, to make the stereotype of a smart-aleckie used car salesman complete -- would have been having him vigorously masticating a wad of chewing gum -- snapping and popping it -- as Ryan attempted to speak

Back in my day, we had a word to describe Biden's performance -- a word that we could use in mixed company, that is. The word was "uncouth."   It means: "Lacking refinement, cultivation or taste."  That's what the world saw in that so-called debate:  The disrespectful, uncouth Biden -vs- the respectful, refined Ryan.

Granted --I'm from the "old school" but for me it was no contest.  Ryan won hands down.   Biden,  just like his boss before him, went out on that stage and worked --hard -- at defeating himself.  And he did it -- in spades.

Finally, America (and the world) is actually seeing the kind of people we have told you -- all along -- Obama and Biden are. 

Billions of words have been poured out over the past four years by conservatives describing Obama and Biden as the "empty suit pols" who have nothing but loathing for those of us who constitute the great unwashed, the American proletariat, if you will.  Now you have seen it with your own eyes. Anyone who does not see it now can only be described as being "willfully blind."  In other words, you don't want to see it!
If Joe's job in the debate was to save his boss, he failed -- and failed miserably
.  Biden's performance, combined with that of his boss, Obama, has only lent credence to the observations we conservatives have been making over the past four years.  Joe just added moving pictures to our verbal descriptions.

Peggy Noonan, in an article at the Wall Street Journal said:  "Last night Mr. Biden was weirdly aggressive, if that is the right word for someone who grimaces, laughs derisively, interrupts, hectors, rolls his eyes, browbeats and attempts to bully. He meant to dominate, to seem strong and no-nonsense. Sometimes he did—he had his moments. But he was also disrespectful and full of bluster."  SOURCE: 

Look:  If there was a dumb, ignorant redneck on that debate stage, it was NOT Paul Ryan.  THAT, dear reader, was plain as day for anyone willing to see it.

America is in "bad shape," as we southern folk say.  And it is OUR fault.  WE put those people in office.  It is a danger we who have chosen a Constitutional Representative Republic as our form of government have accepted.  WE MAKE MISTAKES, OCCASIONALLY.   The one in 2008 was a humdinger! Yes, WE made this mess and now it is up to us to "fix it."  We have to do it November 6th, else this country is going to come apart at the seams.

J. D. Longstreet


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