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What If ... ? ... J. D. Longstreet

What If ... ?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


For weeks now there have been all sorts of stories of various government agencies buying up millions of rounds of ammunition.  Try as they might, those agencies/the US government have/has not been able to present a plausible story to convince American citizens that they are NOT up to something nefarious.

Sad to say, we just don't trust our government anymore ... not that we've  trusted them a great deal for a very long time, you understand.  But the level of trust that we had -- previous to the Obama Administration -- has plummeted right through the floor.

We have been pummeled with lie after lie from Washington until we have become saturated with their prevarications and like a "soaked" sponge, we simply cannot hold any more.

DC's perversions of the truth just leave us laughing these days -- and not a little worried.

I mean -- using hollow point rounds for target practice is, well, laughable.  Did you know that even the military is banned from using hollow point ammo by international agreement?  Yep.  It's a fact.  It is horrible what those rounds can do to the human body.  Upon impact the leading edge of the round "mushrooms."  Think of a dime suddenly becoming a fifty-cent piece.  It will often fragment with small metal pieces ripping and tearing away at the body's vital organs -- all the while that fifty-cent piece size slug is blowing a ragged hole along its trajectory.

As I said:  It's horrible what a hollow point round can do to the human body.

Now, allow me to be clear:  I have no idea what the government has planned for those millions of rounds of ammo they have ordered.  It's for darn sure the US military cannot use them -- on the battlefield.  But, I know of no law precluding them from using that ammo within the borders of the US(At least one state has certain restrictions on the sale and use of hollow point ammo.) They just can't shoot America's enemies with it on a foreign battlefield.       

Just thinking out loud here:  What if a second term Obama has plans to regulate the sale of ammunition by way of a Presidential Executive Order.  Seems to me that it would be much simpler to regulate ammunition sales by EO than regulating the sale of guns by EO. I mean, there IS the Second Amendment to get around for that.  But --  the Second Amendment does not mention ammo.

Suppose the various departments of the government are ordered to purchase millions of rounds of ammunition to reduce the supply available to the market.  In other words, an attempt to create an artificial shortage of ammunition available to the American marketplace today.  We know that ammo sales are going through the roof as gun owners, fearing the worse in a second term Obama Administration, are stocking up.  Gun sales, too, are at record levels.

OK.  I want to be sure I am understood here.  I have no inside information reference those ammo purchases by the government.  NONE!  The same is true reference Obama's plans for an Executive Order (somehow) controlling ammunition sales. Like practically every other American gun owner, I am concerned for my 2nd Amendment rights and, frankly, the security of my family -- and my fellow countrymen -- should our government go rogue on us.

About a week ago, I sat in my office with a fellow conservative talking about this very thing.  His business carries him all over the state and he tells me this is a topic of conversation at the various "coffee klatches" in which he often takes part. 

And why not?  People are worried and concerned about the direction the Obama Administration has taken America in the past almost 4 years. Added to the worry and concern is an underlying layer of rage. 

I must tell you that I suspect the government is well aware of this pent-up rage and they are concerned that the tinniest crack will result in the collapse of the dam holding back that anger instantly unleashing a flood of anarchy across the country -- especially in America's large metropolitan areas.

Allow me to point out something else, too.  When the mainstream media cannot be counted upon to do its job, believe me, "alternative media" WILL step up and fill that void.  I think that is what has happened with the "government ammo purchases" story.

What we know for sure is -- basically -- NOTHING.  A number of gun owner organizations are pressing for a congressional investigation of these massive purchases of ammunition by (and reportedly for) government agencies that, at first glance, seem to have no use for this type of man stopping/killing ammo.

That we are even having THIS conversation only adds to the feeling of unease permeating America today.  We wait with bated breath to see how vicious the anarchist's shenanigans will be in Tampa and in Charlotte as the two political parties endeavor to celebrate the official coronation of their respective candidates for President.

It just doesn't FEEL like America, anymore.  In fact, America has begun to favor a banana republic, especially at our air terminals.  Law enforcement officers dressed in black -- and some in military fatigue-type uniforms -- toting semi-automatic long guns, lends to the feeling that America's citizens are more hostage than free.

Eventually, Americans are going to reject the "it's for your own safety,"  propaganda and the backlash will begin.  One must wonder if that's what the government's humongous purchase of hollow point ammo is about.  Could it be the government EXPECTS a backlash?  If so, does their expectations of a backlash mean they are set on a course, which will diminish the freedom and liberty of American citizens even more?  

What if ... ?

J. D. Longstreet

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