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General David Petraeus For Romney's Veep? ... J.D. Longstreet

General David Petraeus For Romney's Veep? 
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

"The retired Army four-star general, who has been lionized by many Republicans, led the charge to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military – more than a year before the Obama administration repealed the armed forces’ “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy."

Petraeus is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a U.S. foreign-policy think tank that promotes world government.

A 2008 report in the New Yorker stated, “Petraeus is registered to vote as a Republican in New Hampshire – he once described himself to a friend as a northeastern Republican, in the tradition of Nelson Rockefeller – but he said that around 2002, after he became a two-star general, he stopped voting.”  SOURCE:

From the very same article we learn the following:  Petraeus’ wife, Holly, works in the Obama administration as the assistant director for servicemember affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the agency founded as a part of the Dodd-Frank Act. SOURCE:

If there is any doubt as to whether this scribe would support Petraeus for Romney's VP, then allow me to be very clear.  The answer is:  HELL NO!

Petraeus' politics has been worrisome for me for years.  Unlike many of my colleagues, I never thought Gen. Petraeus' military decisions were all that great.  In fact, I felt he was more a politician that a soldier.  Unfortunately for the men and women of the US military, I am afraid that too many of our top brass are made from the same mold today and that may well explain why we haven't won a war since the 1940's.

Look. I am a solid conservative.  Like many conservatives throughout America, I am not happy that Romney is carrying the GOP banner as the candidate for President of the US.  I am convinced Mr. Romney, though a darn good man, is, in fact, a RINO (Republican In Name Only). 

When George W. Bush, who described himself as a "compassionate conservative," proved to also be a RINO, I made myself a promise.  No more "settling."  I decided to be true to myself and to what I believe.  And there has been hell to pay since.  Fortunately, I am not unused to taking incoming "friendly fire" when I claim my position, plant my flag, and announce that THIS is where I stand and I'll not be moved.  Been doing it all my life and I have the scars to prove it. It doesn't take courage, it takes fortitude.  

As to the remainder of this campaign for President, I think, in the next 90 days, or so, we will see Romney and Obama basically tied in the polls.  I believe that is because conservatives are grudgingly supporting Romney with many, such as myself, refusing to whole-heartedly throw their support his way.  There is a reason for that, which I will share shortly.

As a conservative, here is what I think will happen -- and soon now.  I believe Obama's people are just about persuaded he needs that "grand event" to push him past Romney in the final leg of the campaign and they will convince Obama to launch an attack on Iran -- probably in late September or early October.  (I'm convinced the Israelis believe this, as well.) 

Should I be correct, and Obama does, indeed, order an attack on Iran during the October Surprise window, I think it will anger conservatives who will recognize it for what it actually is -- politics --  and they will come off the sidelines, join Romney's legions, and push Romney across the finish line -- in first place -- on November 6th.

Back to Romney's Veep list.  Not a single name on the "public" list excites me -- at all. I seriously doubt that any names Mr. Romney is keeping to himself would excite me, either. 

I know my stance on Romney is going to upset and anger many of my fellow GOP members.  I've already heard from a few. But, I have tried to make it clear from the beginning that I am an unabashed "Dixican" -- a southern conservative republican -- and darned if I can get excited about a Northeastern liberal republican.  It just ain't in me.

Many have reminded me that Romney is a "conservative" republican.  Look.  A Massachusetts conservative and a South Carolina conservative are worlds, if not galaxies, apart.  

Northeastern republicanism and southern republicanism are strikingly different.  Southern conservatives tend to sit-out elections that feature northeastern republican candidates. 

This time, however,  the election is critical to the continued existence of the United States. Southern conservatives are being forced, by circumstances,  to participate in an election that, frankly, they would, under ordinary circumstances, simply sit-out -- again.  We are NOT happy campers.

The thing that northern and southern republicans agree upon is this:  Obama must go if the US is to survive as a free country. 

The people of the south are mostly of Celtic ancestry and we relish freedom above all else. And we will fight for it -- even when that means joining forces with those we do not quite trust in order to vanquish a threat to our liberty.

Though nobody wants to speak openly about it, there is a definite uneasiness within the ranks of the GOP this election season and I have just laid bare at least one of the reasons for it.  It is not very likely you will hear THIS discussed on cable news show panels.

Oh, while I am at it, some commentators are claiming that Romney could win the southern conservative vote by choosing Rubio, a "conservative" from Florida, a southern state.  Not so. 

Southerners, by and large, do not view Florida as a southern state, at least, not culturally nor politically.  Rubio's brand of conservatism, while it may reflect that of Romney, is not compatible with southern conservatism.  So, no. Choosing Rubio will not assist Romney in securing the southern conservative vote.

Southern conservatives who DO wind up voting for Romney will not support him in  the campaign.  They WILL vote for him in November ONLY as a vote against Obama.

Should Romney win the election in November, he will serve as President of the United States without the support of Southern conservatives.  Romney will be viewed, in the South, as a transitional president with the hope that a real conservative can be found to challenge him for the presidency in 2016.

The plain truth is that southern conservatives want Obama out of the Oval Office and someone to hold the seat until the next election.  That is as delicate a manner of expressing an unpalatable truth as I am capable.

J. D. Longstreet

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