Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Americans Don't Mourn Freedom's Passing ... J. D. Longstreet

Americans Don't Mourn Freedom's Passing
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

OK.  So, it IS just about the economy -- isn't it?  The election, I mean.

Actually, no.  It is about reclaiming America from a narcissistic socialist and his political goons in suits and ties running rampant over the freedom and liberty of Americans -- and -- making a mockery of the US Constitution -- and – bringing so much obloquy and traducement on the Office of President of the United State.

Richard Nixon was a saint when compared to Barack Hussein Obama!

Ever since Obama made his speech last week concerning granting a form of amnesty to some 800,000 illegal aliens (by not allowing their deportment), I have been absolutely furious. 

So, with whom am I furious?  I am furious with my fellow American citizens -- as much as I am with Obama.  Make that disappointed AND furious. 

By nightfall, last Friday, there should have been throngs of outraged Americans in the streets demanding that Obama resign and vacate the White House -- forthwith.  If there was ever a moment for the "pitchforks and torches crowd" to show up and raise Cain, this was (and remains) it!

What we saw last Friday was a fundamental change in the way America is to be governed, henceforth.  Forget the Constitution.  Heck, it’s just a piece of paper with antiquated happy thoughts for a people well over 200 hundred years ago.  No, the constitution does not apply to modern America -- Obama's America -- and it sure as heck does not apply to Obama and his communist agenda.  (You will notice, I did not say "Socialist agenda" this time.  Why? Because Obama apparently just decided to leap right over that step in taking a country from freedom into communist slavery and jump straight to communism -- while assuming dictatorial powers for himself.)

Look.  I expected some such action by Obama.  He has told us in every way possible that he is a socialist and a communist and, according to the polls, at least half the American electorate is quite happy allowing him to turn this country into a socialist/communist DUNG HEAP!  Look around you. America is well on its way into oblivion today!

Over the weekend just ended, I watched, listened, read, surfed the Internet, dipping into numerous news sites and commentary sites, waiting for the backlash coming from the American people and aimed at a President who, in fact, just fired the first political shots in what, I believe is a form of  "coup de tat" the goal of which is -- to enslave America with the chains of communism/Marxism.

It did not come.  There WAS NO BACKLASH! There was no outrage, no outcry, no -- well, there was NOTHING.

Oh, a few hard-shell conservatives, like yours truly, ranted and raved in the blogosphere, but, that was about it.

Then it struck me like a blow to my solar plexus.  My fellow Americans just don't care, anymore.  Americans don't care that they have just been enslaved.  Having grown fat and lazy at the government trough, they don't care what happens to things like freedom and liberty -- just so long as Obama keeps those checks coming the first of every month.

Americans no longer believe in the things the founders of the country believed in.   They don't believe in the things their grandparents believed in, either.

Americans no longer believe in striving for a better life for themselves and their children.  They have bought the leftist propaganda that THERE IS NO BETTER LIFE and they must accept that in order to be "fair" the government is going to, not bring them UP, but bring the better-off Americans DOWN -- in the name of "fairness," of courseIn this way -- all Americans can suffer equally.

America, as a whole, has been "conned" -- and we fell for it.  We bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

Think about it.  The only way a man like Obama would go before the nation and literally take charge of the nation's government, daring the people of the country to do something about, is ONLY when he is sure Americans have been anesthetized and are too detached from reality, and yes, too lazy, to rise up and stop him.

And he has gotten away with it.    

I must tell you, I feel profound, PROFOUND, disappointment in my fellow Americans.

The streets of heaven, itself, must be flowing with the tears of long passed American patriots who, looking down on today’s apathetic American masses, must be asking themselves why ... why did we give our time, our endless efforts, indeed, our very lives to create and then to preserve freedom and liberty for the ungrateful citizens who slander the very name "American" today?  Why?

And they are justified to ask such a question. 

Our forefathers must wonder how it is that they stood firm against the armies of superpowers and tyrants until the very earth ran red with their life's blood -- and kept America safe -- only to see a two-bit Chicago hustler with a ready smile, a golden voice, and a quick bit of "slight-of-hand" douse the flame of freedom in America, bring Lady Liberty to her knees, and enslave their beloved nation.

Even in their graves they know that multiculturalism, diversity, political correctness, moral relativism, progressivism, Marxism, and socialism, once introduced into a society will rot the core of that society until it is too weak to defend itself -- and fails.  The stench of America's decomposition must assault the highest precipice of the celestial realm.

If that Grand Experiment, known as America, still had a pulse -- there would be throngs in the streets, all over the nation, demanding the impeachment of America's President. 

The American ideals of freedom and liberty are dead.  And their American beneficiaries don't even care enough to mourn.

J. D. Longstreet

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