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Thou Shalt Not Steal! ... J. D. Longstreet

Thou Shalt Not Steal!   ...   God
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A wise man once said: “When your rob from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on the support of Paul!”

“Redistribution of the wealth” is a phrase we hear a lot during election campaigns in America. You folks already living in countries more socialist than the United States  understand what it REALLY means. 

Americans, for the most part, it would seem,  do not.

You see, here in America we built a country based on a citizen’s ability to better himself using the talents God gave him. He is limited only by the limits of his own imagination and his own capabilities.

Here in America a child can dream of becoming rich and, if he has it in him, he can make that dream come true.

 Government interference is considered not only an inconvenience; it is an impediment to success in America. But that holds true in any society. Once the government intrudes into your business, you can close the doors, because they will smother your business with their rules and regulations, applied layer upon layer, until the death of your dream is imminent. Small businesses are the first to succumb.

“Redistribution of the wealth” is the watch word (watch PHRASE, maybe?) of the Democratic Party in America. Since America has been able to hold off a complete socialist take over of our government, since FDR’s term in office, they have yet to accomplish, completely, the redistribution of the American family’s money. But that doesn’t stop them from continuing their drive to do so.

For the edification of my non-American readers … how do they do it? With TAXES!

The Democratic Party LOVES TAXES. They create them. They raise them. They use them to embellish their own power over American business and the American citizen.

So, now… their  democratic candidate for President (The incumbent President Obama) is preaching the same sermon as all those Democrats seeking that same office before him: Redistribution of the Wealth.

Let's be clear:  B. Hussein Obama is not Robin Hood. No matter what he and his legion of cohorts would like you to believe. What he is… is a democrat! He was the most liberal democrat in the US Senate and what he is preaching these days is socialism!

Why would we want to change a country as successful as America has been? For the most part Americans don’t want to change our system of government and our free market economic system. Unless of course, change means getting the government’s intervention out of the way of success for so many small businesses in America. THAT kind of change we can support.

We think Obama has bought into the United Nations nightmare scheme called The United Nations Millennium Declaration in which the UN calls for: “the eradication of poverty by redistribution of wealth and land,” wiping the slate clean of “the debts of developing countries,” and, it continues… a fair distribution of Earth’s resources.” Wow! Can you say: S O C I A L I S M??? That’s what is described in those short little phrases.

Larry Petrash has a piece we highly recommend. It is titled: “Is Obama’s change the change we want?” You’ll find it at:

If you still question Mr. Obama’s socialistic leaning, understand that he pushed for socialized medicine in America. We call it Obamacare. If the Supreme Court allows it to stand it will eventually mean the complete takeover of the healthcare system in America by the US government… you know, the folks who run the Post Office and the Veterans Administration… remember?

We no know the change Mr. Obama touted in his first campaign was, in fact, a thorough trashing of the US Constitution, changing America from a democratic republic to a socialist country under a socialist government, giving up the miracle of capitalism for the nightmare of socialism, giving up the idea of private property, you know, so the wealth can be “redistributed”, reducing the size and strength of our military and giving that money away in the form of “social” programs, again to redistribute the wealth, and finally, placing the US firmly in the grasp of the United Nations, which is, in my opinion, one of the most corrupt organizations ever designed by the mind of man.

No. Obama is not Robin Hood. Robin Hood was not a socialist. What Robin Hood was… WAS A THIEF! No matter that his victims were the rich folks of Prince John's realm, and the recipients of Hood’s largesse were the poor, what Robin Hood did was thievery, plain and simple!

Somehow socialists have completely warped their thinking to believe that certain types of thievery is good, is kind, and is acceptable. It’s not. Judeo-Christian faith teaches us that thievery is wrong, is a sin, is a violation of God’s law. Why, the eighth commandment is: “Thou shalt not steal.” It makes no difference if it is an individual actually doing the deed of thievery, or if it is the government, it is still thievery -- and it is still wrong.

So, next time you are being regaled with the Democratic Party’s calls for redistribution of the wealth by taxation, and more and more social programs, remember the eighth commandment. Remember too, that Christ’s call to take care of those less fortunate was a call for individual action, not government action. Our friends on the Left simply cannot tear themselves away from their belief that government can do it better… no matter what “IT” happens to be..

No. Mr. Hood was not a socialist. Recall, if you will, the government had seized Mr. Hood’s possessions. After all, Mr. Hood WAS a rich aristocrat prior to going off to war in the Middle East for HIS Commander-in-Chief. No, the analogy just does not fit.

J. D. Longstreet

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