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Dems: Move Your Convention Site

Dems:  Move Your Convention Site
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Talk about "persona non grata!"  The DNC could not feel less welcome today than in Charlotte, NC.

Some facts please:  "North Carolina’s 9.7 percent unemployment rate is above the national average.  The state’s Democratic Party is mired in a sexual harassment scandal. Voters just approved a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which conflicts with Obama’s view on the issue. Convention fundraising has been slow, and labor unions tapped to fill the financial gap are angry the convention will be in a city -- Charlotte -- with no unionized hotels and in a state where compulsory union membership or the payment of dues is prohibited as an employment condition."

And the cherry on top is the Rasmussen Report released on Wednesday May 16th that showed Romney at 51% and Obama at 43% in North Carolina.  The report went on to break it down even further:  88% NC GOP voters for Romney -- 18% NC Dems for Romney. NC Unaffiliated: 49% to 45% favor of Romney.  These numbers come AFTER Obama has visited North Carolina eleven times.

Let's face it folks -- Tar Heel country ain't Obama country!  Obama's victory in NC in 2008 WAS an aberration.

While we're on the subject, as a Tar Hell myself, I can attest that Obama's victory in NC in 2008 has been a statewide embarrassment.  Mention it to another Tar Heel and you get a dropped head and the muttering of a few cuss words unfit to publish in this article.  And it was close -- very close: Obama won 49.9 percent of the vote, compared with 49.5 percent for Senator John McCain in 2008.

Unfortunately, it is a matter of history now and a record of which we, as a state, are certainly not proud.

Choosing the city of Charlotte, NC, (almost in my home town's backyard) was a flat-out DUMB move on the part of the DNC.  In my opinion, it underscores just how out of touch the democrats are with the people they say they empathize with.  For there to be empathy at all, there MUST be, at least, a passing acquaintance with the person, or persons, for whom you empathize.

This is a telling moment for the democrats.

The Democratic Party Convention is currently scheduled for September 4th through the 6th.  The DNC is desperately hoping the NC Democratic Party will have a handle on its own problems by then.  Currently, the state Democratic Party is in a mess ... and that is putting it mildly.

According to Bloomberg:  "State Democratic Chairman David Parker submitted his resignation over the weekend following complaints about his handling of allegations by an ex-worker against a former party director.

Party members rejected his resignation and Parker says he plans to remain in his post, even though he’s been encouraged to leave by Democratic Governor Bev Perdue, who isn’t seeking a second term, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walter Dalton and state elected officials. "

All the above while the Federal government is trying John Edwards, a former democratic Senator, and former democratic candidate for President, and then for Vice-President on the ticket Democratic Party with John Kerry.   Edwards "is accused of a scheme to use almost $1 million in campaign contributions to help hide an affair with his pregnant mistress while running for president in 2008."

You can't make this stuff up, folks! 

Attention screenwriters!  Along with having one of the most outstanding Democratic Party debacles (or train wrecks -- take your pick) in North Carolina this year, the state also has one of the largest, most sophistocated, movie-making companies on the East Coast located within its borders.  Surely a "made for TV" movie is in the works.  The John Edwards saga alone would seem tailor-made for one of the ladies' movie channels. Ya think?

Look. This entire "convention catastrophe" is supposed to be a part of the Obama southern strategy meant to spotlight Obama's commitment to taking the fight to the GOP in states that traditionally vote for republicans. 

There's an old southern expression, which I will paraphrase and clean up a bit, that says:  "It is truly embarrassing to run a man down and THEN have your behind whipped!"  It would appear that THAT is exactly what has happened to the Democratic Party here in North Carolina.

Of course, anything can happen, and may, before November.  But, I have to tell you, that talking with Tar Heels, both black and white, democrats and republicans, it most certainly appears we are beginning to see a collapse of the Obama election machine, especially in the southern states.

"Anybody but Obama" has become the mantra in the south.   In the South,  where the evangelical denominations reign supreme in the religious community, the electorate is NOT in love with the Mormon Romney.  But, for evangelicals a choice between a socialist president and a Mormon president is, simply put, a no brainer.

Looking at the recent polls, especially in North Carolina, we can, I feel, confidently say the south is going to free America of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.  No presidential candidate can win the Oval Office without the support of the southern states.  Support for Obama -- in the south -- is clearly not there.

Cue the chorus from Handel's "Messiah," please.

J. D. Longstreet

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