Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama Sets Stage for Third US/Iraq War

Obama Sets Stage for Third US/Iraq War 

Creating a “Fort Apache” for American Troops in Iraq

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Does Obama get out of bed each morning wondering how he can screw things up today?  Does the Obama Administration have a secret department within the bowels of the White House whose job assignment is to come up with ways to screw things up for the United States?  I mean – it just seems impossible for anyone to accidentally screw up so many things so often, and in some case, on a continuous basis.

President Obama is a prime example why I believe the United States needs a military man as President.

Look at Afghanistan.  Under the leadership of the current Commander-in-Chief, American causalities have skyrocketed.  And they will get worse as the Taliban rebounds.  All because an inexperienced American leader openly tells the enemy that he will be withdrawing Americans troops on a date certain.  Oh, you can rest assured that Americans deaths will continue to rise in Afghanistan until we rebuild our forces on the ground there, allow them to go after the insurgents, and untie their hands and allow them to decimate the Taliban in Afghanistan – and in Pakistan -- or, get American troops out of Afghanistan – completely.

So what has the Commandeer-in-Chief screwed-up lately?  Well, according to news reports he is about to order a shocking draw down of American troops in Iraq.  Instead of decimating the enemy in Iraq, Obama is decimating American troop numbers to such a low level that US troops will be hard pressed to defend themselves -- let alone train Iraqis to take care of themselves.  Look for American causalities to rise in Iraq very soon.

It is reported that American commanders in that theatre are “livid” at the Commander-in-Chief for this amateurish handling of the US military.  What this is, in my opinion, is total disrespect for the US military by Obama.   Our military deserves more, a hell of a lot more, from their Commander-in-Chief, especially after all their sacrifice.

A small contingent of troops will create another “Fort Apache” situation where US troops could potentially over-run and wiped-out.

On the other hand the mad mullahs of Iran are beside themselves with joy!  They cannot believe their good luck.  They find it almost impossible to believe the American people would allow their President to show such disrespect for their nation’s warriors.  But -- they are jubilant with the knowledge that this huge blunder by Obama will allow Iran’s influence to grow by leaps and bonds within Iraq and it will allow Iran to train and rearm a huge army of Iraqi insurgents along with a massive inflow of Iranian troops to retake Iraq and fulfill the Iranian goal of hegemony in the region.  In other words – Iran will own Iraq after all the American blood spilled on Iraqi soil – thanks to Obama. 

You know, we Americans are one screwed-up people.  We have elected a leader who has managed to trash the nation, here at home, and internationally, and still nearly 40% of the electorate supports the “Trasher-in-Chief.”  How do you explain something like this?  How is it possible that descendents of pilgrims and pioneers have not stormed the White House demanding that Obama resign and leave the Oval Office? (One reason, of course, is that we are painfully aware that Joe Biden is waiting in the wings to step into Obama’s shoes.  That scenario is so scary that I don’t even want to go there!)

Here’s what I see in my somewhat dusty crystal ball for US/Iraqi relations:  The US will have to invade Iraq for a third time -- to drive out the Iranians.  The problem with that scenario is that should we have to do that, we most certainly will have to drive into Iran itself to destroy the current Iranian regime and cripple the Iranian military and their nuclear bomb aspirations. 

That will be no easy task.  It will be a very long and nasty war with more casualties that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined and, most likely, become a regional war involving most of the nations of the Middle East including Israel.

Its called “Thinking Ahead.”  Most successful leaders do it as a matter of course.  Unfortunately for America, our illustrious leader seems devoid of the ability to think ahead about anything but his reelection. 

Presidents who win wars listen to their military commanders.  They draw from that well of training and experience dug by the men who actually have to fight the wars by committing American sons and daughters to “Harm’s Way,” and then have to write the letters to their families when those same men and women lose their lives as a result of the commands THEY give.  THEY KNOW about fighting and defeating America’s enemies.  Civilian Presidents, as a rule, DO NOT!

Only 3,000 American troops on the ground in Iraq means they will have to assume a defensive mode and maintain it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  The stress alone will be awful on those men and women. 

So why is Obama doing it?  Politics -- plain and simple. It’s called “pandering” to the political left. And it will get worse until Mr. Obama is relieved of his duties in the Oval Office in November of 2012.

This is just another reason to vote for anyone with an “R” beside his or her name when you enter the voting booth in November of 2012.  Times are just that desperate in America today.

J. D. Longstreet

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