Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Same Old GOP -- All Bark And No Bite

Same Old GOP -- All Bark And No Bite
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Did you ever see an old dog that would bark and growl and bark and growl so long as your back was to him?  But the instant you turned and confronted the snarling creature – it would drop its tail between its legs and sllnk off into the darkness under the porch?  

As a lad I had a friend with a dog like that.  On one of my fairly regular visits to his home, I did not see nor hear the dog.  I asked him what happened to his dog.  He replied.  “We got rid of him.  He was all bark and no bite, anyway.  He wasn’t worth the cost of feeding him.”  I didn’t press the issue for I fear I would have learned that the Lord had called the poor thing home.

See, I know I shouldn’t have actually EXPECTED the republicans to put up a real fight against Obama and his socialist apparatchik in the Senate.  But, you know, hope springs eternal … right?  Yeah, R I G H T.

The plain truth is:  The GOP got its clock cleaned by the democrats in the debt ceiling debate and the Faustian deal the GOP actually agreed to.  Oh, House leaders are going to attempt to impress us with the fight they put up.  Give me a break!  I had worst fights as a kid with my brother!  We didn’t just exchange insulting words …  we beat the snot out of each other with our fists.  Now that’s a debate!

As a conservative, I find it nearly impossible to remain in the Republican Party.  I have the necessary paperwork from the State Board of elections to change my political party affiliation.  Problem is, at least for me, in NC you cannot register as an “Independent.”  You are: “Unaffiliated.”   I don’t like being described as politically unaffiliated! 

Having said that … allow me to go a step further and say that I think it is time the Tea Party to take the necessary steps to become a full blown political party in the US.  As it is, the Tea Party has a lot of clout -- but not nearly enough.  I think it is past time for the members and supporters of the Tea Party to insist that the political organization make the leap and become the official “Third Party” in America.

I’m sure many of you will not agree.  And that’s fine.  If I had a problem with folks disagreeing with me I would have stopped making comments on the news and current events oh, about 40 years ago.

I’m tired.  Tired of supporting the insanity of the GOP.  Insanity, they say, is continuing to do the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different outcome each time.  That is what I see the GOP doing, over and over and over… ad infinitum.  After 50 years as a republican, I am sick of it. 

No matter how many conservatives there are in the Republican Party, we will never be treated as equals in intellect or breeding.  We will ALWAYS be treated as the redheaded stepchild.  If there was ever any doubt about that, this latest dust-up with the democrats over the debt ceiling amply demonstrated how the GOP will use the power of the conservatives to either get what they want, or use conservative power in a kabuki theatre production in hopes of creating a smoke screen to cover their smoozing with the democrats just to hang on to the trappings and perks of political office and the power that goes with it. In that way, they are no different than the democrats. 

When the wheeling and dealing is done, conservatives are once again told to take their seats and shut up. 

Look.  This deal with the President and the Senate on the debt ceiling was not a victory for the GOP.  Please don’t buy into the propaganda flowing like rivers from the seat of our national legislature.  If you DO feel it is a victory for the GOP or for America, get back to me in a few months.  I expect you will have ample time for reality to set in -- in a few weeks or months -- when it becomes clear Americans have been shafted … again.

What America actually got was nothing more than a lot of promises.  Promises that we would be fools to count on.  The deal is nothing more than a mutual agreement between the two parties that guarantees the continuation of the monumental spending spree that is crushing the life out of Americans. 

The GOP has now emboldened Obama and the democrats to hit the campaign with renewed vigor and vitality building on THEIR victory in the debt ceiling deal.  

In my opinion, the GOP has just handed the 2012 election to Obama -- with a very good chance the democrats will retake the House of Representatives AND gain more seats in the Senate. 

Unless there is a miracle and a true conservative emerges as the republican candidate for President in 2012, conservatives are going to stay home … again!  Bet on it.

Rather than celebrating, Americans should be preparing for a deepening recession and/or a depression equal to that of the 1920s and 30’s.  Oh, it’s going to get a lot worse and rather quickly, too.

With America at its weakest in six or seven decades, we are quickly becoming an alluring target for our enemies.  Already Russia, and China are flexing their muscles. Iran will certainly take advantage of our inability to interfere with their plans for hegemony in the Middle East. 

These are perilous times for America.  And we are leaderless.

J. D. Longstreet

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