Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GOP Pro-Taxers Should Be Challenged in Primaries!

GOP Pro-Taxers Should Be Challenged in Primaries! 
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet 

I have that nagging feeling again.  I can’t seem to shake the feeling that our GOP representatives in the Congress, especially the US House of Representatives, are going develop weak knees and cave in to Obama’s demand for an increase in taxes in order to get some sort of deal to give the GOP “cover” when they vote to allow an increase in the nation’s debt ceiling.

GOP Senators lend no stability to my nagging feeling, either, as they seem just as willing as those GOP’ers in the House to try to save their cushy jobs in the world’s most excusive club – the US Congress.

It is time for Americans to flood their inboxes and telephone lines -- and even their fax machines -- with messages insuring them that if they do cave, they will be looking for a position elsewhere come next year’s primaries.

Look.  America does not have a revenue problem.  Heck, the US Treasury has PLENTY of money flooding into its coffers 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  The problem is not that we don’t have enough money, or not enough cash flowing INTO the treasury… we DO!   The problem is with the amount of cash flowing OUT of the treasury – and -- with the speed at which it pours out.  Plus, there is the problem with the less than responsible way (I’m being charitable here!) our government tosses US citizen’s cash around.  Comparing Congress’s manner of spending American’s money to the manner in which a drunken sailor throws his cash around is a gross disservice to the Navy!  It is also slanderous!

Back in November of 2010, we conservatives sent a huge number of new members of Congress to Washington with specific instructions to cut the irresponsible spending of the democrats and especially the Obama administration. It was understood that next election we intended to expel a goodly number of those remaining in order to insure that the citizens of America can, once again, gain some level of control over the way in which our wishes, wants, and desires are addressed by the national legislature. We were anticipating just such Congress-made crises as the debt ceiling crisis we find ourselves in today. 

We HOPE those newly elected Representatives remember WHY we sent them there.  If they, somehow, manage to forget or, allow themselves to be swayed by the so-called moderates or middle-of-the-road, go-along-to-get-along, republicans in Congress then, they, too, will be purchasing a one-way plane ticket back home.  See, we MEANT it when we told them: “No More Taxes” and “Cut Government Spending!”  (Of course, we also instructed them to repeal ObamaCare!)

I find it deeply troubling that a number of them seem to have forgotten their explicit instructions, from us, to stand fast against raising taxes.  There is already enough money.  Once again the problem is:  the irresponsible way our government is spending our tax dollars and driving America into poverty.

The Obama Administration has a “champagne taste” and America has a “beer pocketbook!”  They need some realistic “adult” supervision from the conservatives in the Congress.

There is also the fact that Obama publicly proclaims he wants a “Big Deal” on the debt limit.  I’ll BET he does!  Look at the dates on his proffered deal.  Notice that if it is passed, it would insure that Obama would not have the embarrassment of being forced to deal with the same issue again in an election year – which would remind Americans how inept he and his administration actually is when it comes to handling the finances of the United States.  His ineptitude is not isolated to JUST finances… it extends to practically every aspect of governance.  But having the fact that Obama has spent the US into near bankruptcy splashed all over the 24-hour news channels and forcing his “Ministry of Propaganda,” the mainstream media, to print and broadcast the TRUTH, just before an election, would certainly harm his chances of reelection. 

A short term “fix” for the debt ceiling, as distasteful as that is, would have at least one attribute to recommend it.  It would/will keep the problem alive and in the news cycles all the way up to Election Day next year.  It is beginning to look as if that is exactly where we are headed.

Conservatives need to make it clear to our congresspersons and senators that we do not view service to the country, as a senator or congressperson, a career.  We view it as a brief period of service to their respective constituents lasting one to two terms in both houses of the Congress.  After two terms in office service to constituents seems to be forgotten and it becomes service to THEMSELVES, first, above all else.

Career politicians created the mess America finds herself in today.  We need a congress of citizens who take a few years off to serve their country in Washington -- and then return to their real jobs at home. If it takes a constitutional amendment to get this important change in our government -- then so be it.

In the meantime, we conservatives need to prepare, now, to challenge every republican and democrat who caves and votes to support new taxes on the American people in the coming primary next year -- and in future primaries -- and keep it up until we get a government of which the American people can be proud.

J. D. Longstreet

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