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The Curse on America?

The Curse on America? 

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I am going to turn my collar around and climb up into the pulpit for this one.
I was watching when President Obama called for Israel to return to the 1967 borders.  I physically flinched when he said the words.  Mentally, my mind was screaming:  NO!  NO!
If you have read the bible, then you know that God has promised punishment for anyone dividing the land he gave to Israel … severe punishment… even unto death.  He has also promised to curse those who curse Israel. That curse covers nations as well as individuals.

I am a Christian gentile. And even though the man, for whom my protestant denomination is named, hated Jews, I do NOT share in his warped hatred for tribe of Judah.

In 1543 Martin Luther, The Great Reformer wrote a book entitled:  “On the Jews and Their Lies.”  In it he said:  “Accordingly, it must and dare not be considered a trifling matter but a most serious one to seek counsel against this and to save our souls from the Jews, that is, from the devil and from eternal death. My advice, as I said earlier, is:

First, that their synagogues be burned down, and that all who are able toss sulphur and pitch; it would be good if someone could also throw in some hellfire...

Second, that all their books-- their prayer books, their Talmudic writings, also the entire Bible-- be taken from them, not leaving them one leaf, and that these be preserved for those who may be converted...

Third, that they be forbidden on pain of death to praise God, to give thanks, to pray, and to teach publicly among us and in our country...

Fourth, that they be forbidden to utter the name of God within our hearing. For we cannot with a good conscience listen to this or tolerate it...

In the same tome, Luther said:  “My essay, I hope, will furnish a Christian (who in any case has no desire to become a Jew) with enough material not only to defend himself against the blind, venomous Jews, but also to become the foe of the Jews' malice, lying, and cursing, and to understand not only that their belief is false but that they are surely possessed by all devils. May Christ, our dear Lord, convert them mercifully and preserve us steadfastly and immovably in the knowledge of him, which is eternal life. Amen.

Unlike many of our modern Christian denominations, I believe that God said what he meant and meant what He said.  And HE still does.
I say that -- to say this:  America is in deep trouble.
Our President, a man chosen by the people of America as their leader, as their spokesman, has, I believe, brought the wrath of God down on the people of America.   By having America turn its back on Israel, Obama sent a message to Israel’s enemies that America is on THEIR side.  He did not have to utter the words: “We now stand against Israel.”  That is understood.

If believers have learned anything over the centuries, it is that God keeps His word. And that is why I flinched when Obama insisted that Israel fall back to the 1967 borders. That is “cursing Israel” and God will now curse America, as a result.

If you doubt me, and I am sure many will, just look at the scars in America’s heartland from massive tornadoes that scoured the land, ripping and tearing property, and lives apart.  Hundreds are dead.  Look at the Mississippi Basin, much of which is flooded.  Again, American lives and property destroyed.  It is devastation of, dare I say it … biblical proportions.
To our environmentalist friends, I would quickly add this:  Nature is NOT God.  God is the creator of nature and only God can command it and control it.

Joseph Farah has a great piece about this very thing entitled;  “Maybe doomsday is near.”  You will find it (HERE.)  We recommend that you read his entire article.

In the article Farah says this:Once again, we've seen the U.S. hit with a series of deadly superstorms following Barack Obama's pledge to return Israel to pre-1967 borders.

Just days after Obama insisted Israel must give up lands it won through military victory with its enemies, some 200 people were killed by a tornado in Joplin, Mo.

There's a pattern here.

We saw it in Katrina, when George Bush forced Israel's withdrawal from Gaza. In fact, as everyone from Israeli rabbis to U.S. senators have noted, it seems to happen every single time the U.S. pressures Israel to divide the land.

The phenomenon was best documented by Bill Koenig, author of "Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel."
Koenig points out that nine of the 10 costliest insurance events in U.S. history followed dramatic calls by U.S. officials for Israel to make land concessions in bids for peace with its neighbors. He points out with startling detail how six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history followed such events. He points out how three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history followed such developments.
Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, even terrorist attacks have hit America often within 24 hours of calls by U.S. officials for Israel to withdraw from Jewish land.(SOURCE)

I reside in infamous Hurricane Alley.  Here, on or near, the NC coast, we call it the “The Catcher’s Mitt.”  If you look at a map of the NC coastline you will quickly see why. 
Hurricane season officially opens June first.  Given the record of natural devastation in the past few weeks, I expect we will have one of the worst hurricane seasons on record with record-breaking damage to the eastern seaboard of the United States. Of course, I always expect that.  But this year, I am sorely afraid that Obama has given me more than ample reason to believe it will occur, for sure, this year. 

It matters not one whit whether you believe all this, or not.  One’s belief has no effect, one way, or the other, on the occurrence of future events.  On the other hand, one’s actions could mean life or death.

In 2008 America demanded a leader just like all the other nations had/have.  As God did, when The People when to Samuel and demanded a king like the other nations around them, God allowed America to have Obama.  It was a lesson. 

Israel came to curse the day Saul was named King.  America, far more removed from God than ancient Israel, will, it seems, have to suffer far more punishment before we wake up to confront our national error in judgment -- and set it straight.

In the meantime, it is reasonable, I believe, to expect our national catastrophes to grow worse.

J. D. Longstreet

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