Monday, February 14, 2011

Multiculturalism an Abysmal Failure – Worldwide!

Multiculturalism an Abysmal Failure – Worldwide!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

From EUROPE, no less, comes the word: Failure! It is used to reference multiculturalism.

From England, from France, from Germany -- the leaders of all three countries decry multiculturalism as a failure.

I must tell you that when I heard the news reports on this I cracked up with laughter.

I swear, sometimes the sheer idiocy of man is just immeasurable. The endeavor to foist multiculturalism on human beings was one of those totally nonsensical ideas of the bleeding heart lefties that was doomed from the “git-go” It has single-handedly caused deep hatred, suspicion, derision, and it has led to revolutions, and populations at each other’s throats in countries all over the globe where its practice was instituted -- including the United States.

Now – can we get back to some common sense for a while? I know that is a commodity much in demand and sorely short in supply, especially on the left side of the political spectrum.

Contrary to what you may have been taught, multiculturalism did NOT make America great. On the contrary! It was that unique American culture forged in the crucible of the so-called “melting pot.” People of various cultures coming to America to actually become AMERICANS created it. They assimilated and poured bits of their unique cultures into that melting pot where it was blended with all the rest before being ladled out into the mold stamped “Made in America.”

It was dumb beyond measure to ever believe that multiple cultures could exist under one flag. Some cultures will simply run rough shod over other cultures. It is the way of the human animal.

From nations, to clans, to tribes, to families, each has its own culture. In order to live together peaceably we all have to sublimate our personal cultures to that of the country we choose to call home. Otherwise, there is no country.

When people of the same culture clump together they form clans, or tribes, and that will doom a nation. As evidence, I offer Afghanistan, and most of the Middle East. Why do you think Africa, one of the richest continents on the globe, (with the earth’s natural resources) is home to some of the most backward countries in the world where civil unrest and poverty rule the masses? THAT is a prime example of multiculturalism at its finest.

So what has suddenly opened the eyes of national leaders in Europe to the failure of multiculturalism? The answer is right in front of our eyes. The culture of those who practice Islam as a religion, as a way of life, with the total refusal to assimilate into the culture of the host nation within which they have chosen to reside does cause a problem and, at some point will kindle an explosion of resentment. At some point, the refusal to identify with the people of the host nation will inevitably create friction that will spark violence leading to the deaths of many of the citizens of the host country. The next step is all out war with an escalating body count

Look. We can parse this any way we want – but the plain truth is -- all this talk of the failure of multiculturalism was brought to the fore by the Islamist movement worldwide. The European governments have had their eyes opened to the threat to the peoples of their countries and the governments of their countries by Sharia law.

The governments of England, France, and Germany are far ahead of the government of the US. But they don’t have a pro-Islamist President as does the US.

Oh, one other thing. There is no such thing as multiculturalism under the rule of Islam. There is one way, one culture, one religion … Islam.

Here in the US we cannot expect our current crop of leaders to take the bold stand the leaders of Europe have taken and denounce multiculturalism. Oh, no. See, that would be politically incorrect. No one, it seems, on our side of the pond has the courage to actually state, out loud, the thing that everyone knows – the king has no clothes – Multiculturalism is an abject, abysmal, failure with the overwhelming potential to completely crush a country, and bring collapse and ruin to its government, as well.

It isn’t often that I praise the governments of England, France, and Germany. But this time, they deserve accolades for having the courage to speak the truth and hopefully open the eyes to the rest of the western world to the danger of multiculturalism.

But I don’t expect the same thing here. Not from our current President. If anything, he may apologize for, well, heck, he’ll find SOMETHING for which to apologize! Maybe he’ll apologize for Americans stalling his agenda for the “fundamental change” he promised during his campaign. Whatever.

We applaud the leaders of England, France, and Germany for telling the truth to their people and we recommend it to the US leader, Barack Obama.

J. D. Longstreet

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