Friday, December 31, 2010

UN Seeks Control of the Internet?

UN Seeks Control of the Internet?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

That was the sound of the other shoe dropping.

"Officials from 18 countries held an impromptu, late-night meeting earlier this month at the United Nations office in Geneva, and made a decision that rattled Internet technocrats around the world.

Autocratic governments like China and Iran attended the meeting, as did several democratic ones. Despite protests by Portugal and the United States, they voted to staff a working group on the future of the Internet Governance Forum -- an important theatre of discussion on matters of cyberspace -- by governments alone."

The snippet above is from an article by Ian Munroe of News.

In the article, Mr. Munroe goes on: "A second UN body -- the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which manages the world's radio frequencies and orbiting satellites -- has been debating who should govern the Internet for years.

Its secretary general, Hamadoun Toure, would like to spearhead the creation of a "cyber peace treaty" to prevent the Internet from becoming another domain in which countries wage war against one another, as they do by air or at sea.

"Cyber threats can reach critical infrastructure of any country, the nerve centre of any nation," Toure said by phone from Geneva. "A sophisticated attack can bring even the most powerful nation to its knees."

The article continues: "Others say the ITU's government-to-government approach is too slow and clunky to manage something as fast-moving as the Internet, or that it could pave the way for less open regimes to introduce new online controls.

"We have to be careful about what institutions take the lead," said Ron Deibert, director of the Citizen Lab and the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies at the University of Toronto. "The Chinas, the Irans, the Saudi Arabias of the world want to impose a territorial vision of control over cyberspace -- and if the ITU got its wishes, that's essentially what would happen."
You may read the complete article (HERE).

This sad -- really sad! You know, the thing that really got to me when I read this article was what appeared to me to be an acceptance,by everyone involved,that somehow, some way, eventually, GOVERNMENT WILL CONTROL THE INTERNET!

This is pathetic.

When will the US government understand that the UN is NO friend to freedom?

When will the US government understand that the UN is set on a plan for World Governance?

When will the US government finally understand that there is nothing to be gained by US membeship in such a corrupt, power-drunk, socialist organization as the United Nations?

When will the US government cut off all dues to the UN and cease all funding of any organization sponsered by the UN?

The answer, of course, is -- never.

I should not even have to say this... but ... I will. An organization with control over the communications of this world will completely control this world. THAT is what the United Nations is all about, now, isn't it?

We have railed any number of times about the attempts by the US government to gain control of the Internet. That didn't stop them. They took the first step toward control of the Internet with their "Net Neutrality" regulations issued by the Obama Regime controlled Federal Communications Commission just a few days ago. Is it possible the UN saw how easily it could be done when the people in the US, where freedom USED to reign supreme, didn't put up any kind of fight -- at all? I mean, when the people in the "Home of the Free" acted more like sheep than people, well, any tin horn dictator (and the UN is filled with them!) would have to assume they could certainly get away with it in thier countries and, naturally, the whole world.

We have warned, time and again, the UN is zeroed-in on imposing a one-world government on the peoples of the earth. Two of the most important steps they need to make to fulfill that dream is to control the flow of small arms around the world, incuding here in the United States, with their "Small Arms Treaty," and controling the Internet, the peoples means of communicating with each other.

The UN is a cancer on the earth and it needs, desperately, to be cut out!
J. D. Longstreet

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