Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remembering Pearl Harbor And America's Rise And Fall Since

"Remembering Pearl Harbor And The Rise And Fall of America Since."
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Today marks another anniversary of the Japanese SNEAK Attack on Pearl Harbor. Yes, I said: “sneak attack”! Political Correctness has no place here! When the smoke cleared, on that Sunday morning, 2,335 military and 68 civilians lay dead.

There were: 4 battleships sunk, 4 battleships damaged, 3 cruisers damaged, 3 destroyers sunk, 2 other ships sunk, 188 planes destroyed, and 155 planes damaged.

And the United States was at WAR.

There was no waffling, no doubt, and no demonstrations in the streets in favor of the Japanese. No, Americans still understood what was at stake; freedom… and they went at saving it with all their collective might.

Unlike today, Americans didn’t give a damn whether the Japanese understood us or not! It was enough to know that the nation of Japan wanted to inflict harm on our people, to take away our freedom, and enslave our families. Exactly the same thing the Islamofacists want today.

Young men couldn’t wait to be drafted! There were long lines, sometimes reaching for blocks in our cities, of young American men trying to sign up for the US military in order to fight for their country. Back in my day that was called Patriotism! It was also the considered the “manly” thing to do!

During the darkest days of the war, when America was losing battle after battle, Americans didn’t flinch. They strove even harder to produce the military material needed, so desperately, by our military to fight, and win, that war. They understood that those brave fighting men were the only thing between them and death, or slavery.

America soon became one huge manufacturing machine. Production records were set and others broken by factories turning out war goods. It was a joint effort of the civilian population and the military. Everybody had a part to play in winning victory and everybody accepted his or her part with gusto.

The American soldier did not have to wonder if America was backing him! He knew it! He might wonder if his sweetheart was remaining true to him, but he had no worries about the American people.

Men marched into battles in which thousands of Americans were killed. Single battles claiming thousands of lives. They knew the cost and yet… they marched straight ahead into the face of the enemy… because… that enemy had to be stopped to secure freedom and safety for their families.

And… America won the war (with our allies, of course!) and SAVED THE WORLD!

Compare the America of today. Need I say more? America, today, is pathetic… compared to the America of 1941! We are but a shell of our former selves.

You want to know why I’m distressed? Because I saw it all happen! I watched as my wonderful country went from a giant, astride the globe, to a quivering mass of fat, lazy, slothful, unpatriotic, uncaring perpetrators of sedition and treason who have absolutely nothing they feel is worth sacrificing and even dying for…nothing, not even their own freedom, which was bought and paid for by the blood of better men than they’ll ever be… even in their dreams!

As I watch America imploding in upon itself, I think, now, I understand how some of the ancient Romans must have felt as they watched, perhaps, the greatest civilization in the history of the world, up to that time, imploding and caving in upon itself. The pain I feel in my heart, for my dying country, must be akin to that of the ancient Romans.

Today as we remember the Japanese SNEAK Attack on Pearl Harbor, remember this: if you live between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Coast of America, today, and you speak English instead of Japanese… thank a Veteran! If you live between the Atlantic Coast and the Mississippi River, today, and you speak English instead of German, thank a Veteran.

In closing these comments… may I suggest Americans begin to brush up on Arabic, Persian, and Farsi languages... because the brave men who stood between the Japanese and the Germans, and America… are nearly gone now, and there are not nearly enough around today, like them, to save us again!

J. D. Longstreet
(Note from Editor: For more thoughts on remembering Pearl Harbor we urge you to read a piece by Alan Caruba entitled: "A Date That Will Live In Infamy". You will find it HERE. )

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