Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“The Dream Act” = Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

“The Dream Act” = Amnesty For Illegal Aliens
Undocumented Aliens = Undocumented DEMOCRATS!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
Well, the dems are at it again. You simply have to give them an “A” for effort.

I recall a TV game show where the booth announcer would enthusiastically shout: “Come on DOWN” to those chosen as contestants on the show. The chosen contestants would rush to the stage expecting instant riches to await them there.

It seems to me there is something similar going on at the southern border of the US. I visualize democrats standing along the border gesturing to the would be illegal immigrants on the Mexican side to: “Come on OVER!” And, boy, they are coming – in DROVES. The illegals climb the fence, go under the fence in tunnels, around the fence, and, quite often, through the fence, all the while, expecting great riches awaiting them on the American side including free healthcare, free education, welfare payment checks each month and a guarantee of citizenship -- if their numbers become great enough to swing the elections in the democrats favor -- all of this as a result of breaking the US laws and becoming criminals.

Do not be fooled by all the denials from the democrats. Amnesty for illegal aliens is all about power for the liberal-socialist democrats in the US government. They, rightfully, see the gigantic influx of illegal aliens as a power source that will, if they can pull it off, guarantee victory at the polls, election cycle after election cycle, effective smothering their opposition and, eventually, securing them an uncontested lock on the US government forever.

So, if you liked the way the democrats have ruled under the democrat liberal-socialist control of the Congress and the socialist Obama Regime, then you are going to absolutely LOVE the socialist state the Hispanic vote will allow them to force on the American people. Very soon America will resemble nothing more than a banana republic with a socialist dictator in the mold of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela – or -- the Castro brothers of Cuba.

I hope that is a sobering thought for Americans. Here is another one. We are losing our country and the passage of The Dream Act will be the last nail in the coffin of a constitutional republic in the United States.

I have lost count of the many times the democrats have endeavored to pass bills for amnesty for illegal aliens in the past few years. It seems that every session of Congress they try again and again to ram it through. They change the name, add a few more freebies, and twist arms of reluctant senators and congresspersons and generally increase the pressure on those hapless lawmakers to a near unbearable level. Still, somehow, we have managed to hold them off… until the next time.

Now the Obama Regime is claiming immigration reform is an emergency and the Congress must act to pass The Dream Act during the ongoing lame duck session of Congress which has a little less than 18 days to finish their work before it disbands and heads home until the first of January.
Many of the current supporters of Immigration Reform (another title for Amnesty for illegal aliens) will not return in January having been unceremoniously thrown out of office by voters angry at their efforts to “fundamentally change America” into their version of a socialist utopia.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is not the least of the actions of the defeated democrats to anger Americans who DO understand we are losing our constitutional representative government and being yoked with oppression from a socialist elite who are working maniacally to turn off the lights of that fabled “Shining City on a Hill" and replace the hill, upon which it sat, with a dung heap.

The Dream Act must be stopped in its tracks -- and it must be stopped NOW! It will be nothing short of a disaster for America if it passes.

I simply do not think something this important to the very existence of America should be brought to the floor of the Congress during a lame duck session. As we said above, many of the democrats who will be supporting the bill have already been relieved of their office come the first of January. They have nothing to lose and they certainly do not have to fear a backlash from their constituents back home. Some might even feel a little revenge is in order for their having been dumped by their constituents in the Mid-Term Election back in November.

I repeat: The Dream Act, though artfully camouflaged, is nothing more than amnesty for illegal aliens and should NEVER come up for a vote in the Congress.

We all would do well to write, phone, e-mail, fax, send a telegram, or in some way not included here, contact our Senators and Congresspersons and tell them to vote NO on AMNESTY for ILLEGAL Aliens, otherwise known: “The Dream Act. We need to do it right NOW!

The Dream Act MUST BE STOPPED!!!

J. D. Longstreet

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