Monday, December 27, 2010

Bipartisanship Must Be Left At The Door

Bipartisanship Must Be Left At The Door
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Bipartisanship has no place in the next Congress. Getting along with Democrats should not even be a consideration. We conservatives did not send representatives to the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to “get along” with Democrats OR the Obama Administration. We sent them there to bring the current goings on to a “screeching halt” and to turn the country around and take it back to its conservative roots as a constitutional republic and not the socialist “People’s Republic” the liberal-socialists of the Democratic Party have striven so hard to make it into.

Our country is bearly recognizable today as a constitutional republic. The democratic controlled congress made clear they did not give a rip what the people wanted and they set about to “fundamentally change” America into a socialist dung heap. The many government regulatory agencies under the command of the Obama Regime have taken on so much power they resemble more the Nazi Gestapo than they do agencies of the US government… a government supposedly controlled by the people of the country. They, too, must be stopped, even if that means closing them down -- forever. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the Education Department, the Energy Department, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, all top the list of government agencies that must be stopped.

Speaking of US government regulatory agencies – have you ever taken the time to discover just how many government agencies there are? Well, now you can. Go (HERE) for a complete list of all US government agencies. It is an “A” to “Z” list – and you will be astounded! These represent only those agencies made public. We have no idea, who, what, or how many others exist without the knowledge of the citizens of the country.

Prepare for the liberal-socialist democrats to begin, very shortly, to complain that the US government is “broken.” See, it is NOT broken as long as they get their way. Only when the American people get THEIR way is the US government broken to the Democrats!

If the politicians we sent to Washington, as a result of the November elections, do as we want and have instructed them to do, there will be a knock-down-drag-out brawl within the US House of Representatives and the US Senate over the next two years.

We don’t want compromise. We don’t want bipartisanship. We did not send them to Washington for either. We sent them to Washington to rescue our country -- before it is lost forever.

For instance: We want ObamaCare repealed. We want it COMPLETELY repealed! That, alone, will be a monstrous job. The so-called “Dream Act,” which is only another rendition of Amnesty for illegal aliens must be stopped as well.

There will be weeping, and wailing and gnashing of teeth among the democrats at any effort to repeal ObamaCare, especially. Its repeal will mean the government losses control of one-sixth of the US economy. You’d better believe they will fight tooth and nail for control of the lives of every American citizen. They will weep on the floor of their respective chambers. They will tell America that ObamaCare is for the children, for the oppressed minorities, for anything and everything they can think of that might tug at America’s heartstrings. They have won so many battles before by playing on the voter’s emotions that they will not care how ridiculous they look with the crocodile tears streaming down their fa├žade covered faces. It will be a ridiculous comedy played out before the eyes of the world.

We conservatives must be prepared for the onslaught of vile propaganda unleashed on their efforts to rescue America. The Mainstream Media, which is totally immersed in the agenda of the liberal-socialist democrats, will ride to the rescue of Obama and his socialist agenda. It has already begun. They currently sing his praises as the “come-back-kid” after his mediocre successes in the lame duck session of Congress.

Over the next two years, conservatives will need to take careful notice of the remaining “RINO’s” in Congress and prepare a plan of attack to remove them from office in the elections of November 2012.

And we must discover a conservative republican candidate for president who actually has a chance to win. Frankly, I see no possible winner among the host of names being floated about for consideration as possible candidates for the republican nomination today. We may need to go outside the usual herd to find a new face, a new name, with hard rock conservative values to carry our banner into the Oval Office.

The next two years will be two of the most difficult years in the conservative movement in the United States. We must be unrelenting as we push forward the conservative agenda.

Someone once said: “A nation of sheep, breeds a government of wolves.” It is time for conservative Americans to re-assert themselves as neither sheep nor wolves – but as lion-hearted Americans.

Ours is a rescue mission. If we do not press home our advantage over the next two years our mission will become a “recovery” mission.

J. D. Longstreet

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Chilidog said...

As usual, Mr. Longstreet's commentary is razor sharp and bulls eye accurate! I suspect that if Gen. Lee had listened to a Longstreet, the battle of Gettysburg might have had a different ending.