Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reclaiming America From The Socialists

Reclaiming America From The Socialists
Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Coming Up in Lame Duck Senate?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

According to the Washington Times, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to bring up the Dream Act during the lame duck session of the Senate when Congress reconvenes after the election.

“The Dream Act would grant legal status and a path to citizenship to illegal immigrant schoolchildren and to illegal immigrants who agree to serve in the U.S. military.” (SOURCE)

In the article by Stephen Dinan entitled: “Reid promises vote on aliens” the Washington Times says the following: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over the weekend promised to force the Senate to vote on an immigration bill, the Dream Act, in a lame-duck session of Congress this month. The article goes on to quote Reid as saying: “I just need a handful of Republicans. I would settle for two or three Republicans to join with me on the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform, but they have not been willing to step forward," They want to keep talking about this issue, and I say [it] is demagoguery in its worst fashion and is unfair to the Hispanic community." You may read the entire article at the Washington Times website (SOURCE).

This, dear reader, is just one of the things worrying me about this upcoming lame duck session of Congress.

If the election goes as expected, there will be a host of PO’ed Democrats prowling the halls of Congress looking for one last victory over their victorious conservative opposition. If Reid, as the Senate Majority Leader losses his seat in the Senate, he will be as dangerous as a wounded wolf.
Over the next few weeks we will have to be even more observant of Congress than we have since January of 2007. As we have often been reminded: Out of power, liberals are funny. In power – they are dangerous.

Over in the House of Representatives the story will likely be much the same. With Pelosi on the way out of the Speaker’s office, maybe into retirement, there is likely to be a good deal of vitriol. With tensions so high in both houses of Congress anything could, and probably will, happen. So keep your powder dry!

Today, itself, will be contentious enough. All sorts of mischief will be reported today. This IS Election Day. Tempers are high and fuses are short. There is bound to be some conflict before the polls close on the west coast tonight. I fully expect a number of races to be decided by the courts. In some states we may not know the results of some races for two or more weeks. The next few weeks will be trying for all Americans.

While herds of lawyers are standing by, for all sides in the election, eagle eyes will be watching the polls for any sign of anything that can possibly be construed as a slight, an irregularity, ANYTHING, that might have the slightest, the vaguest chance of nudging the results in favor of their candidate.

The news media will have battalions of reporters swarming polling places in states with high profile races today, as well. THAT will keep the pot boiling into the wee hours and maybe for days to come.

I downloaded a sample ballot from my state board of elections yesterday and went over it several times to be sure I was familiar with it before I even get to the polling place this morning.
I made a mental note of anything that would raise my taxes. I ALWAYS vote against a tax increase in any form. This election is no exception.

Now for a little fun… watch the reaction from the European press when, if all goes as expected, Americans deliver a HUGE repudiation of Obama with their ballots in this election. Make no mistake about it -- this election is a referendum on Obama and his Czars, in fact, the whole darned Obama Regime!

My polling place is approximately one block away from my home. I intend to be there when the doors open. I also intend to do something I highly recommend to all conservative voters today… PRAY before you cast your ballot. I am not attempting to impress you with my piety here. I am trying to impress you with the seriousness of this election. The survival of a FREE AMERICA is at stake today. The cancellation of the socialist agenda, at the ballot box, is imperative if we are to continue to live free in America.

Just as Joshua challenged the Israelites: “Choose ye this day whom you will serve” America has much the same decision to make some 7,000 years later. We can choose to continue to serve God, or we can choose to serve the state. Remember, socialism replaces God with the state.
America has been deeply divided the past few years but the overbearing socialist Obama Regime and the liberal-socialist leadership in the Congress has managed to demonstrate to those having difficulty discerning the inherent evil behind the socialist fa├žade, in such an efficient manner, that a huge percentage of them have seen the error of their ways and are now ready to denounce the socialist path Obama and his minions set for America and now support a “free America” as intended by the founders of this nation.

Let’s Roll, America! Let’s take our country back – and let’s do it today!

J. D. Longstreet

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