Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama/Dems Still Do Not Get It!

Obama/Dems Still Do Not Get It!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I watched President Obama’s news conference yesterday and came away with the distinct feeling that even after the “shellacking” (his word) the dems took on Tuesday, he STILL does not get it. Truth be told, I did not expect him to get it.

I watched a lot of TV the past two days, with emphasis on the news shows and talk shows, and I am confident that not only does Obama not get it, the democratic party doesn’t get it, either.

From my standpoint, that is not a bad thing. If the democrats truly do not get it, then they have just set the stage for the second tsunami of republicans to take over the US Senate and the Presidency in 2012.

Months ago, when Obama and the democrats passed the ObamaCare bill we referred to the democratic controlled Congress as the “Kamikaze Congress.” We told you then the democrats had just signed their very own political death warrant.

How did we know? Well, sans the crystal ball, we knew as the result of something Americans used to recognize as “common sense.” Common sense is sorely lacking in the American political community these days.

Yesterday, I watched the President tell America that his democratic party lost because he, Obama, did the right thing, but Americans misconstrued it as more government intrusion in their/our lives than we were accustomed to.

That is total bovine scatology! We did not misconstrue anything. We recogniose it for what it was and is – more government intrusion in our lives – and we DO NOT Like It – at all!

I cannot conceive of a man intelligent enough to be President actually believing that. I actually think he knows better and still thinks we are dumb enough to believe him when he mouths such strange and arrogant proclamations.

So, now he wants to work with republicans? Not a chance! That too, is more BS. He would like to be able to portray a persona in cooperation with the republicans while at the same time securing his bid for a shot at a second term in the Oval Office. If I could ask the president, I’d ask -- who is sitting in the back of the bus today?

Nothing changed Obama on Tuesday. Nothing. He is still a socialist. He is still a progressive, and he is still in the Oval office and he has a firm grip on the veto pen. Not to worry. He will get ample opportunities to use it in the next few months.

Already we are hearing calls from other republicans for compromise in order to get things done for the American people. I say no. No compromise with the democrats. If there is to be compromise, then it should be the democrats compromising with the republicans. So far as getting things done – I’m all for getting a number of things undone! The sooner, the better.

We hear members of the mainstream media decrying the possibility of the GOP shutting down the government if they do not compromise. I think that is a grand idea. I have never felt so safe as I did when the GOP shut the government down back in the nineties.

Government gridlock is a wonderful thing when that government is a detriment to the freedom of the American people. So, I, personally, am looking forward to months of government gridlock over the next two years as we wait for the election in November of 2012 when we can finally rid the government of the democrats in the Senate and in the office of the President.

Tuesday was just step one, just the beginning of the process. We conservatives knew it would probably take two elections to complete the process. It appears we were correct.

We DO expect the GOP to come out fighting, though. They made a number of explicit promises and they must make an honest attempt to fulfill those promises if they expect to continue enjoying the support of conservatives. We sincerely hope the Tea Party members of the House will light a fire under the GOP and then hold their feet to it when the going gets rough -- as it surely will – and in short order.

To our European readers, what you are witnessing here in America this week, Is American’s natural inclination to resist and overcome tyrants especially when those tyrants happen to be on our shores and in our government. Yes, we Americans screw-up as we did with the election of Obama and giving control of our government to the liberal-socialist democrats. We don’t hide our mistakes and we certainly do not suffer them lightly. We correct them.

Western Europe is my ancestral home. I am a mixture of Dutch, German, Flemish, French, English, and Scot-Irish – and Native American (Both my grandmothers were Native Americans.) I’m a mongrel, a mutt. But so are most Americans. We must be a complete enigma to you.

Americans truly believe that freedom is a God-given right and whenever we feel that right is under attack we rally and do whatever is necessary to defend and preserve that God-given right. We give no quarter to tyrants.

The battle has been joined this week to preserve America’s freedom.

J. D. Longstreet

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