Monday, October 11, 2010

Rebuild and Restore

Rebuild and Restore
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

We Americans must ask ourselves a very important question as we make our decision concerning whom we will choose to govern us in the coming years.

Looking back to the years before we mistakenly allowed control of out government to be placed in the hands of the liberal-socialist democrats, in 2006, and comparing the years before that unhappy event to present day, it is immeasurably important for us to consider this question: Are we more free today than we were then? I submit – the correct answer is a resounding NO! In fact, we are far less free, and becoming even more enslaved to the state, every day we allow the socialists to remain in control of what used to be the freest nation, with the freest people, on earth.

If we allow the liberal-socialists to maintain control of the United States there is no doubt America will become a full0fledged socialist nation only one small, baby-step from becoming a communist nation.

It is extremely important that Americans understand that America is in enormous danger. We are under attack -- from within -- by those domestic enemies from which we military veterans took an oath to defend against.

In my opinion, every single US military veteran should vote against every liberal-socialist on the ballot on November 2nd. As I said above, we took an oath to protect the constitution and this country and, there was, as I recall, no expiration date on that oath.

Today, America has a Congress and a President not worthy of their constituents and the US military has a Commander-in-Chief not worthy of his troops. What we DO have, in our nation’s government, is a MESS … a DANGEROUS mess! The liberal-socialist’s redistribution of the nation’s wealth has made no one richer. It has resulted, as Winston Churchill predicted, in a predicament in which we all suffer more equitably. And THAT is the very best that can be said of it.

An honest, objective, consideration of America’s position today will inevitably lead one to the conclusion that our very own government has brought America to the edge of the precipice.

Look, dear reader, when the President of the United States surrounds himself with advisors who are Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Statists, Collectivists, Unionists, and Progressives, and the lends his ear to religious advisors who, themselves, seem confused about who really is GOD – Karl Marx, or Jesus Christ, then it is far past time to worry. It is time for action!

Americans have always been a “singular” people. We fuss and fight among ourselves, much as a large family does. And, like a large family when a threat to the security of that family is perceived we come together to neutralize that threat.

Americans were, admittedly, slow in recognizing the threat Obama and the liberal-socialist Congress were, and are, to their/our country. No one likes to admit they have made a mistake, let alone a mistake of the magnitude of the mistake Americans made in handing control of their government over to a socialist/marxist government. Just as it requires a strong person to admit a mistake, it takes a big, strong, country to do the same thing.

Every day, more and more Americans are standing up and saying: “WHOA! We really messed-up!” Now Americans are ready to right that mistake and return our country to its rightful status as a constitutional republic. We are determined to stop its slide into naked, unadulterated, socialism.

On November 2nd, we have our first opportunity to correct the course of America’s ship of state. But, please, make no mistake about it: purging the Congress of its many liberal-socialists is just the starting point. Correcting and then repairing the damage they have done to the republic will take many years. The work of restoring the republic will, of necessity, have to be done while fending off multiple counter-attacks by those same liberal-socialists who remain determined that America be transformed into a socialist dung heap.

For those of you new to my scribblings, understand this: I do not count myself among those who profess to believe the US Constitution is a living, breathing document. I do not count myself among those who proclaim that America is in a continual state of “becoming.”


I believe the constitution is what it is, period. I believe the nation’s founders -- including those who actually wrote the constitution -- said then what they meant, and meant what they said then. It was then, and is now, a document for all seasons.

America became, at its founding, a constitutional, representative, republic. It is not “becoming” anything other than that. In my opinion, attempting to change America to anything the founders of this nation did not intend is grossly un-American.

There can be no doubt that America has been badly and deeply damaged over the past four years. Some of that damage will last for generations to come.

Yes, it IS a sad thing to realize that the damage was self-inflicted. But that realization is the first step toward rebuilding and restoring a nation like none other on this earth.

It is time to turn the lights back on in “The Shining City on a Hill.”
J. D. Longstreet

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