Friday, October 1, 2010

The GOP’s Choice For President

The GOP’s Choice For President
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

There are those who will say NOW is not the time to expend mental energy on ciphering the inner workings of the GOP and the machinations they go through to choose a presidential candidate. Those who say that may very well be correct, but here we go, anyway.

If I could make one suggestion to the GOP candidate selection corp – it would be that they not present their base with the same tired old candidates they continue to run out each h election cycle.

Oh, and allow me to mention something they may have missed. Sarah Palin, for all her likeability within the conservative branch of the Republican Party, will not be an acceptable choice to carry the GOP banner into the 2012 election for President of the US.

Don’t misunderstand. I LIKE Ms. Palin. In my opinion, she is a powerful engine within the conservatives of the GOP. She can gather a crowd, create a tidal wave of energy within the ranks of the party, and her skill at raising money is akin to that of a money machine. Her support can push a little known candidate across the finish line to victory, as we have seen a number of times already. But she cannot win a race for President against Obama.

That needed saying, as the expression as it, so I said it.

In the first place I think the upper echelon of the Republican Party had rather ingest cyanide than support Ms. Palin as their candidate for President. Left to their own devices I am convinced they would, as they did in 2008, discard the conservative wing of their party and place their support behind a liberal or a RINO candidate with the belief that they can win the 2012 Presidential Election with the support of only liberal and moderate republicans, plus the independent voters. That move was doomed to failure, right from the start, in the 2008 election cycle and it has even less chance of ending in victory in the 2012 election cycle.

I have voted a conservative ballot since my first election at the tender age of 21. I will do the same this next month and again in November of 2012. Like all conservatives my votes always reflect my core beliefs. Conservatives are like that. We will not compromise our beliefs to vote for a GOP candidate who does not share those beliefs just so the Republican Party can claim a victory. Such a victory often turns out to be pyrric, anyway.

There is some evidence that the “higher-ups” in the GOP are beginning to understand this fact. I hope so, for, indeed, the survival of the Republican Party, as a political force in America, literally hangs on their understanding that and accepting that and embracing conservative republicans.

The Republican Party must recognize that Conservatives have the power now to create that viable “third Party” which, I am convinced would quickly move the GOP into third party status and itself into direct contention with the Democratic Party to become the controlling political party in the US. The truth is the Tea Party Movement in America has accomplished that for conservatives.

In one month America’s electorate will go to the polls to decide whether America remain a constitutional republic or is dragged into the slavery of a socialist state akin to the pathetic European socialist entities sometimes referred to as “states.” The conservative movement in America is going head-to-head with the liberal socialists in America to stop that from happening. Conservatives understand, better than anyone, it seems, that socialism is assured death for the American way of life. They give all indications they are determined to concentrate their considerable power on preserving the country and the political system our forefathers labored so hard to obtain and to guarantee for us.

The GOP MUST understand conservatives will settle for nothing less than a genuine conservative candidate for President of the US in 2012. This is not negotiable, period.

Before the GOP makes a mistake they will rue to their dying day, allow me to state as clearly as I know how the following: Conservatives are not so desirous of being rid of the Obama Regime that they (conservatives) will vote for practically anyone the GOP decides to push forward as the party’s choice for President. I assure you that is NOT the case. In fact, it is a sure and certain way to return the Obama Regime to power for another four years.

The bottom line is this: If the GOP decides to ignore the conservative branch of their party this time around, then I expect conservatives will accept the GOP rejection of their values and move on to form their own political party, separate from the Republicans, into which they can pour their considerable political clout, their energy, and their collective talents in an effort to build a better America.

J. D. Longstreet

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