Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caution! Bipartisanship Ahead?

Caution! Bipartisanship Ahead?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The GOP tsunami referenced by the media recently to describe the coming “deluge of the democrats” could easily smash itself to bits on the shoals of (what else?) bipartisanship.

Already, if you listen carefully, you can hear whispers of bipartisanship in the ranks of the Mainstream Media. Sensing the coming devastation of their leftist party, the MsM is desperately trying to salvage anything they can of the Obama regime’s agenda. They hope to do that by encouraging the incoming GOP congressional members to be bipartisan in their approach to governing.

It is a recipe for disaster.

Look. I have said this time and again: If you are a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or a member of any of the Sundry other political parties in America… “Bipartisanship” in the US Congress is the last thing you should want! Bipartisanship is akin to one party rule.

There are profound differences between conservatives and liberal-socialist democrats -- really PROFOUND. The absolute last thing I want, as a conservative, is for the congressperson I send to Washington to compromise with the liberal-socialists. It would defeat the purpose of the election, in the first place.

What we conservatives want, no, what we demand, is for the conservatives we send to Washington to roll back the agenda of Obama and the liberal-socialists. THAT is the bottom line. If the GOP cannot do it, or will not do it, then all indications are that a third political party, one driven by grassroots Americans, not blue bloods, nor the country club set, but true "down home Americans" will explode on America’s political scene and sweep the Republican Party into the dustbin of history. This is neither a warning nor a threat from conservative America – it is a promise.

If there is a bipartisan congress after November 2nd, nothing will change. The scriptures teach us a valuable lessen about compromise. “A little leaven, leavens the whole loaf.” The same holds true for liberalism. A little liberalism will affect the entire conservative agenda. That must be avoided at all costs.

Back in February of 2008, I wrote the following: “… I take a position on things, anything, because I believe I am right. So do you. So do Republicans and Democrats and all the others. To compromise your core beliefs simply means they were not core beliefs to begin with… or… you are a weak individual and your willingness to compromise is a character flaw. The same holds true for a political party.

Where I come from, compromise, by anyone, is seen as a weakness of will. A lack of will power. It is not seen as a good thing. One who refuses to compromise, and sticks to his guns, is looked-up to as a strong individual, as someone to be admired. You may not like his position, but damnit; you know where he stands… at all times

Now… what of consensus? Well, consensus, plain and simple, is lack of leadership. It means there is no single individual in the group strong enough to lead and/or guide all, or a part of the group, to his way of thinking. Consensus is that paved road to Perdition!” I have not changed my mind.
America has had four years of a liberal-socialist democrat congress and two years of a socialist President. All one needs to know about what socialism can do to a country, any country -- including America, is right before your eyes. In four years America has plummeted from the pinnacle to the pit. That’s what socialism does to a country, to a people. It will leach the life out of a national economy. Socialism is a terminal condition.

America cannot be saved through bipartisanship. America cannot be saved by compromising with the liberal-socialist democrats in the Congress and in the White House. There is no compromise with socialism. Like cancer, socialism must be cut out and destroyed or it will, inevitably, kill its host.

America is in deep peril at this moment in history. With federal courts setting the stage to allow non-citizens to vote in the 2012 election, it is imperative that we have a conservative Congress to curb the power-grabs of the democrats. The new Congress must act quickly, deliberately, and with single-mindedness to wrench control away from those who would transform this country into another third world socialist dung heap. Make no mistake about it. That is exactly where the democrats are taking this once great, this once proud, exceptional country.

There is so much to be done, including the repeal of Obamacare, the abolition of the Ninth Circuit Court, stopping Cap and Trade, defunding the EPA, stopping the profligate spending and reducing the size of the federal government… and all this is just scratching the surface.

America, we have much to do to save our country. We begin Tuesday by voting for conservatives. I can hardly wait for 6:30 AM next Tuesday. I intend to be the first, or among the first, to cast a ballot in my precinct. I have talked the talk. Now, it is time for me to walk the walk and exercise the power of the vote. I intend to do just that.

J. D. Longstreet

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