Friday, June 4, 2010

Turkey-vs-Israel. ANOTHER War in the Middle East?

Turkey-vs-Israel. ANOTHER War in the Middle East?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

THIS is what happens when America has a weak President.

There can be no doubt that America has the weakest President in office, since the Jimmy Carter fiasco. The rogue nations of the world can sense a spineless President and as soon as one is ensconced in the Oval office they begin to take advantage of the limp-wristed “see on evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” polices of these feckless regimes.

Carter had his Iranian hostage problem. Clinton had his Kosovo and Serbian problem, and now Obama has his Turkey-vs-Israel problem.

Obama wanted some “daylight” between Israel and America. Well, he accomplished that -- and THIS is the result.

There is the likelihood that war will breakout between Turkey and Israel at any hour. If Turkey sends Turkish military vessels and fighter aircraft to escort those so-called “peace activists” in another attempt to run the Gaza blockade, I have no doubt the IDF will sink Turkey’s ships and shoot down most, if not all, of the Turkish fighter aircraft. Of course there will be Israeli causalities, but Turkey needs to recognize they will going up against one of the premier militaries on the planet. Remember, too, If Israel goes to war today, they will be going to war under Netanyahu, a former IDF Special Forces officer. Netanyahu can be as bellicose as the situation requires.

Certain parts of the US President’s nether region have been caught in a crack -- largely by his own ineptitude. Those who sniff out weakness in an American leader are applying pressure. North Korea, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and yes, China are the usual culprits – save for Turkey, which, however, seems to be making a maximum effort to break its bonds with NATO and join that list of delinquents as a permanent member.

If Turkey goes through with committing its military in a skirmish with the Israeli Defense Forces, it will suffer withering loses as well as a tremendous loss of face.

Look, Netanyahu is not to be messed with! Frankly, I wish the man were qualified to be a candidate for the US Presidency. He is what America needs – a former officer in Israel’s elite special forces, he HAS the military experience required for a strong president. Unfortunately, America’s leadership comes in a far distant second to Netanyahu. Israel’s leader is perceived to be strong while America’s leader is perceived to be, well, pitiful!

President Obama’s obvious disdain for Israel and his nauseating rash of sucking up to Islamic countries leads one to question whether he favors Islam over Israel.

There are roughly 6 million Jews in Israel. There are roughly 6 million Jews in America. We would respectfully suggest that those American Jews, who support President Obama’s Regime, might wish to re-evaluate that support in light of Obama’s obvious dislike of the nation of Israel, which is, like it or not, recognized by the nations of the world as the Jewish state.

The Obama Regime not only has Americans at each other’s throats, it also has America’s allies at each other’s throats!

There is something terribly wrong with America’s current government led by the Obama Regime. America made a horrible mistake in 2006 and 2008 with the election of a socialist government to lead the country. Most sentient Americans have awakened to this fact and are determined to correct this error this November and again in November of 2012.

If the correction isn’t made in the next two elections, I think it is, indeed, plausible to see some of the American states again asserting their sovereignty by breaking away and re-establishing themselves as independent states.

Look, most Americans have come to understand that we, as a country, cannot continue in the direction the country is currently headed. They are as sincere as it is possible to be when the say they want their country back. They stand ready to rescue and restore America and elect a leader Americans and the rest of the world can respect.

America did not choose the role of policeman of the world. We were drafted into the job. Even if we threw up our hands and walked away, we would still have the job BY DEFAULT!

It seems America has its very own Hamlet in the Oval Office. His wrestling with decisions is reinforcing the appearance of weakness -- and weakness in an American President can bring the world to the brink of war. In fact, we may be tiptoeing along that brink even as I scribble these few words.

May God Bless America… and hurry up!

J. D. Longstreet


help-gaza-2010 said...

First of all you are wrong about the outcome of a Turk-Israeli war. Turkey would rip Israel to shreds for a number of important reasons. One, Turkey has over three times the size of Israels military. Two, Turkeys population is over 60 million more than Israels and GDP is 600 billion more.Three, Turkey as part of NATO will not come under threat from the United States so Israel wont have the US to save them again. Also Israel should be punished for the way they have treated the innocent civilians of Gaza for years. Israel, a Jewish state, should know better than to persecute a minority group. remember Hitler and that little thing known as the Holocaust. Come on turkey, bomb those ignorant racists in Tel-Aviv.

Kate said...

You're an idiot. Do you have any idea what 'comment moderation' means? Jeeeeeeeeeeeez!

You're also a moron, but pointing out why would be a waste of my time, so I won't bother.

Yusuf said...

Wow what a dumb ignorant arrogant Zionist suck up article lol, complete waste of my time. Just to let you know I'm a Turk and Muslim but not an ultra-nationalist/patriot or an extremist Muslims, and up to the Flotilla incident used to like and admire Israel. But you have to draw the line somewhere, what Israel did was unforgivable and inexcusable. Most of the great powers with the exception of cowardly leaders of a few western countries condemned these actions and called on the UN to investigate and punish the brutal killings the Israeli soldiers committed. Also I study political science and history in university and do my own vast personal research from many sources and there is no way that tiny Israel despite it being a very powerful military can go up against Turkey (the 2nd largest military in NATO after US, 7th largest in the world, 17th economy in the world, a very experienced and well trained military according to NATO standards with modern and numerous western weapons systems having the third largest arsenal of F-16's and 5th largest tank force in the world) so Israel better rethink its future actions because even US cannot save them this time from the consequences of their illegal and unacceptable actions towards humanity.

Kate said...

Gee, Yusuf, don't bother to let FACTS get in your way! Like the FACT the boat was warned. Like the FACT that the Israelis were attacked. Like the FACT the soldiers fired in SELF DEFENSE. It was a set up, plain and simple. If you want to buy into the rhetoric, that's your right, but know one very important the long run, Israel belongs to God, and it's highly inadvisable to piss Him off!

help-gaza-2010 said...

Kate, you poor thing, all caught up in lies from American news corporations. In Europe, the real world, we see what actually happening down in Gaza. You don't have the right to call murderers(Israelis) gods people. I'm from Ireland and we don't have any problem with any nation. But when a ship from our country tries to send aid to a region in need, there's something wrong there. There's something wrong with Turkish nationals being murdered by Israeli Special Forces and there's something wrong with you if you don't see what is actually happening there. The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

Kate said...

ROFLMAO I'm not going to waste my time having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Your assumptions are a rather pathetic attempt to deflect TRUTH.

spemux said...

the article writer is a warmonger who wishes a militarized administration at white office. he also approaches on one side to the matter; denying the reality. since when israel became 1st proiroty for US foreign politics? 6 day war was on israels side simply because US helped them against weak arabs but hey, we are talking about the glorious Turkish military. Israel might be one great weapons expert when it comes to produce UZI's, drones and modernize tanks and planes but you cannot win a war with UZI and drones, can you?