Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama and the “Internet Kill Switch!”

Obama and the “Internet Kill Switch!”
Obama Moves One Step Closer To Control Of The Internet
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


WE saw this coming years ago and warned that if Obama was elected he and the Socialist/Democrats would make a strong effort to take over the Internet

Well, recently, a US. Senate Panel approved an Internet “Kill Switch” for Obama. The so-called “kill switch” gives the President the power to “turn off the Internet.”

A sponsor of the bill was heard to say that the ChiCom (Chinese Communist) had that power in their country, and he felt the US government needed that same power, as well.

It seems to have, somehow, escaped the notice of those who pushed this abomination of a bill through the senate panel that China is a communist nation. A dictatorship.

Oh, you are going to love the title of this bill. It is: “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act.” Don’t you just love the way the socilaists in our Congress wrap themselves in red, white, and blue while they push harder and harder, every day, to take our hard won freedom away?

Look, this is serous stuff. The Internet is the most powerful weapon Americans can use to thwart the agenda of the Socialists in the US government. They KNOW THAT and they are determined to either bring it under their control – or – shut it down inside the United States. The voice of desent cannot be allowed in an Obama Regime!

There is, at this moment, a two pronged attack on the Internet by the Obama Regime. The Federal Communications Commison is stacked with Obama supporters and the socialist/democrats in the Congress. They, too, are handmaidens of the Obama Regime in silencing the voices of those who speak out against Obama’s socialist agenda.

In a piece I wrote, just a few days ago entitled: “Obama’s Assault On The INTERNET Has Begun” (HERE.) I wrote the following: “The courts told the FCC this week to “stand back,” and keep their hands off the Internet. But, do not think, for one second, they are about to allow a little thing like the law to get in the way of a take over of the Internet -- not for one second. Already, they are looking at regulating the Internet as a public utility.

Look, we warned and warned and warned that Obama’s Marxist buddies in the FCC and the Congress would come after free speech on the Internet. Well, here they come!

Socialist/Marxist/Progressive Congresspersons, and Senators, are scrambling to get in line to fulfill Obama’s wish to control the Internet and the free speech on it.

They can see the Mid-Term Election looming on the distant horizon of November and they know they have limited time to strangle free speech on the Internet with their Marxist chains.

Think I’m blowing smoke? Think again. They are vowing to do whatever is necessary to see that the Federal Communications Commission is handed control over providers of Internet services.”

Now, only a few days later, comes the move by Obama’s minions in the Senate to grant him control over the Internet by presenting him with a so-called “Kill Switch.”

Look, control of the Internet, with a Kill Switch, is just another grasp for power by the Obama Regime and the socialist/democrats in Congress. Sure, they claim it is only for use in wartime.


It is supposed to save the Internet from an enemy’s cyber attack.

Those who spend much time on the Internet know that cyber attacks are a frequent thing on the Internet -- whether we are at war, or not.

The Internet has its own way of dealing with these attacks. Government intervention is not needed -- nor is it welcome.

Consider this: a single security system is much easier to defeat than a hodge - podge of hundreds, even thousands, of private sector security systems built by private sector companies, or individuals, to defend their interests on the Internet.

There is only one reason for Obama to have a Kill Switch for the Internet. That is for control of the citizens of America. Parse it any way you like, that is the bottom line.

J. D. Longstreet

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