Friday, June 11, 2010

America’s Golden Age of Ignorance

America’s Golden Age of Ignorance
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

One can only conclude that America finds herself in the current mess as a direct result of ignorance. “Ignorance of what,” you ask? I must answer, “Ignorance of practically everything.”

I concluded, early on, the election of Obama was a direct result of ignorance. Ignorance of just how politics works in America as a result of no education, period. Ignorance as a direct result of education received in the government schools, and just plain old willful ignorance – choosing to be ignorant of politics in America, by electing not to involve oneself in the distasteful, and sometimes less than sanitary job of maintaining America’s freedom.

Ignorance of America’s colorful political history, and that of the world, is much to blame for the Obama Regime’s continued acceptance by vast numbers of Americans. But, I am happy to report that number is growing ever smaller as each day passes.

Ignorance of history, as well as of current events, among the populace of any country, can lead to consequences that are truly awful. Take the election of America’s first socialist government, for instance. The election of 2006 turned our national legislature into a socialist machine bent on creating an even stronger central government with all the power it could grasp. Then, in 2008, the capstone of socialist victory in American politics was the election of Barack Hussein Obama. He promised fundamental change in America. The politically savvy in America understood he meant to lead America into out and out socialism. And he did.

Even today, the average democrat voter will deny the existence of a socialist government in America today. They simply do not recognize it. I am convinced that ignorance stems from the fact that they were not taught the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the genius of America’s founders, and the love of a free constitutional republic that led their ancestors to lay down their lives to protect and preserve the freedom granted by that constitution. That is ignorance.

Back in the day, before teacher’s unions, American students were taught the fundamental concepts of American democracy and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. We learned, as students, that life in America is a priviledge. We learned that freedom is not free, it is preserved by Americans who know its value, even if it means laying down their lives in its defense..

Students also leaned the immeasurable value of The Founding Documents, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the all important Bill of Rights. They learned that The Founders said what they meant and meant what they said when writing the constiturtion. Students also learned that the US Constitution is a document for the ages. It is not a living breathing document subject to change at the whim of those citizens who live under its protection.

No longer. Today we graduate students wo cannot read their diplomas, who cannot find Canada and Medxico on a map, and have no idea what the Constitution or the Bill of Rights are! They have no clue that the Bill of Rights limits the role of government in the daily lives of Americans. If they did, there would be riots in the streets all over America today.

These are the Americans who placed the so-called democrats in charge of America’s government. I say “so-called” because those of us who have dabbled in politics, all our adult lives, understand that those in charge of the US government today are not democrats as they would have you believe. They are socialists, Marxists, communists, and progressives.

So – how WERE they elected? They were elected by people who genuinely thought they were voting for democrats, and by people who don’t care what kind of government we have so long as their place on the government dole is protected and their “hand outs” continue to arrive every month, and by those who were interested only in the power that would accrue to them if socialists controled the US government. The latter could not have accomplished this feat without the ignorance of the former, whose votes they knew they could count on.

Ignorance is a dangerous, dangerous, thing. WE here in America, are only just re-learning this lesson.

This is truly the Golden Era of Ignorance in America. If we survive the damage it has done, we must begin all over again teaching our children what it means to be an American under the protection of the original US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If we cannot repair the current public education system in America then we must trash it and build a new one in which the federal government and federal dollars have no part – and -- unionizing teachers is illegal.

We Americans must purge our Congress and the White House of socialist, Marxists, communists, and progressives at the ballot box and reclaim our country. If we do not -- America will have earned its place on the dust heap of history.

J. D. Longstreet

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