Friday, April 23, 2010

SEIU Forms New Political Party in North Carolina

New Political Party Forming in North Carolina
Guess Who Is Behind It
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


In an article entitled: “Unions Now Starting Their Own Political Party,” Warner Todd Huston, at the Canada Free Press, says the following: “Apparently the Democrats in North Carolina aren’t sufficiently leftist enough for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). It appears that the SEIU, one of the largest and most powerful public employees unions in the nation, don’t have their hand deep enough in the taxpayer’s pockets so it is starting its own political party in the Tar Heel State, by passing the Democrats altogether.” You may read the entire article HERE.

SEIU’s Political party is called “North Carolina First.” It is, in our opinion, a thinly veiled attempt at payback for the three Democrat Congressmen from North Carolina who voted against ObamaCare -- Heath Shuler, Larry Kissell, and my own Congressman, Mike McIntyre.

I am torn between being angry at what has the appearance of an Obama Power play, and being thankful, both at the same time. You may ask the reason for my gratitude. Well, I’ll tell you. The SEIU, with their North Carolina First Party, might very well elect three new Republicans from North Carolina to the US House! If Obama is taking this avenue to punish the NC democratic congressman, who bucked him on ObamaCare, then it may very well backfire and turn out to be a case of “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face!”

Tar Heels are not feeling very charitable towards the Democratic Party in NC at the moment. The scandal involving our immediate past Governor has soured a lot of democrats in the state. This power play by the SEIU, which Tar Heel voters associate with the Democratic Party, does absolutely nothing to enhance their image in the eyes of Tar Heel democrats.

North Carolina is a “right to work” state and labor unions are not looked upon very favorable in this state to begin with. And now they do THIS!

My regional newspaper reports that out of the 85,000-registered voter’s signatures they need to get on the ballot in North Carolina, at last count they had 20,000. So, they ARE well on their way. And they are working, hard, at accomplishing their goal.

On the North Carolina First website SEIU says the following: “North Carolina First is on the ground talking to voters. Right now, North Carolina First is gathering signatures to determine whether to qualify as a state party - to give working families the ability to choose a candidate that will fight for their interests - or to identify Congressional candidates who will stay accountable to the needs of working families not Washington's special interests.”
You can visit their website HERE.

SEIU plans to have a slate of candidates ready to run in the Mid-Term Election this coming November.

At “The Plum Line,” Greg Sargent’s blog, he says: “It’s also unclear what kind of cash SEIU national will put into this effort — which will also include SEANC, the state employees’ union — and what this will do to relations between labor and the national Dem establishment. But this challenge appears to be a serious experiment in reshaping the landscape of Democratic politics, and it bears watching.” Read the entire article HERE.

North Carolina politics never fails to be entertaining. The coming democrat blood-letting in the Mid-Term Election in November is shaping up to be another contest ranking right up there with mud wrestling!

J. D. Longstreet

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