Friday, January 8, 2010

The Inevitable War With Iran

The Inevitable War With Iran
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


A war with Iran is “a given.” It is as some say: “a “fait accompli.” Just exactly who the combatant nations will be remains to be seen, however. My crystal ball is a bit cloudy in that area of prophecy.

We are fairly sure Israel will be one of the combatants and even though the US protests that it does not want a fight with Iran, I don’t see how it can be avoided. Even if the current US Presidential Administration will not assist Israel in a war with Iran the Obama Regime WILL assist Saudi Arabia!

We never seem to learn, here in the “good ole USA.” We still insist on getting more people killed on both sides of a conflict than is necessary to settle the dispute. That is especially true when we have the misfortune to have a liberal/socialist/communist/progressive in the White House and those with the same political philosophy control the national legislature.

“How is that?” you may ask.

Well, those of the President’s political persuasion believe they are smarter than anyone else on the planet and this self-deception leads them to be made fools of EVERY SINGLE TIME! They simply cannot accept that ANYONE is smart enough to deceive them… ever. And therein lies their Achilles Heel. Our enemies simply use political jujitsu on liberal American politicians and “statesmen” and they “roll” our guys every time.

To tell you the truth, folks, it is downright embarrassing!

President Teddy Roosevelt set the gold standard for dealing with that part of the world back in 1904. When Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli, the commander of a band of Berber insurrectionists, kidnapped a middle-aged American man and his stepson, who, by the way, were not harmed, Teddy issued a statement and sent a copy of it to Raisuli which said: "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead!" – and sent an invading force of US Marines to back it up. The hostages were released unharmed. Even then the “diplomats”, the “statesmen” were advising Teddy not to do that. They, as today, wanted to talk to Raisuli.

Today we have two wars raging in the Middle East and a third country, Iran, doing everything they can to bait the US and Israel into war.

Now, here’s the thing: IRAN REALLY DOES WANT WAR! They long for the return of the Third Immam. But their belief insists upon great devestation in the world before the Third Immam will return. Their national leadership is dedicated to this and they will continue their drive to create a nuclear bomb some are already calling the “Islam Bomb.” They are rapidly developing missiles capable of striking Israel, some of the eastern European countries and, of course, US military bases in the region. The minute they have the bomb, have it strapped to one of those missiles, they WILL fire it at Israel. There is absolutely no question about that. If thay have more than one, the second will be targeted at US military bases around Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Saudis are scared witless of the Iranians. US politicians believe we need the Saudi oil so we have, whether we admit it publicly, or not, agreed to help protect Saudi Araba from an attack by Iran.

The US is INSISTING upon talking with Iran. The ego of our “Dear Leader” is of such imensity that he appears to actually believe that no one can resist his oratorical charm and once he vibrates his Golden Tonsils in the direction of the Iranians they will immediately fall into line and no war will ensue. There is only one thing wrong with that. And that is -- it won’t work. The President will only come off lookimg foolish, amatuerish, and as weak as he actually is.

In the meantime, while the diplomats jaw-jaw, the Iranians will be building up their strength and, unfortunately, getting that Islam Bomb ready to drop in on Israel. As a result of all the foot dragging on the part of the Obama Regime, when the killing begins lots and lots more Israelis will be killed than was necessary, and an infuriated Israel will, very likely, nuke the living daylights out of Iran from one end of the country to the other. The blame for the deaths of those Israelis will rightfully be laid at the door to the Obama Oval Office.

A single warning to the Iranian governemt sould be sufficient. At the same time (as Teddy Roosevelt did) send every available warship in the US Navy’s fleet(s) to stand off shore of Iran, lob a few cruise missiles into Iran -- to get their attention -- and assure them we DO mean business.

Yes, the US State Department would probably have apoplexy and a few of the “striped pants crowd” would most likely swoon from massive anxiety attacks.

If Iran persists, after the unmistakable warning from the US, then tactical nukes should be used on their nuclear facilities and a few of their government buildings including their command and control centers.

Then go silent.

Not a word.

Not one word should be spoken to Iran.

Of course, there will be caterwauling from the limp-wrists at the UN and certain European countries. They should be brushed off without a single word from the US in reply.

If Iran persists after the warning… then send in the stealth bombers and wreak havoc in their Persian Paradise and repeat as often as necessary. When Iran finally pleads for talks, ignore them. No reply should be our reply. One of the most effective ways to “contain an enemy” is to keep him “hunkered down” in bunkers.

Now I’m not foolish enough to believe the Obama Regime will do any of this. No, they are committed to making fools of themselves and embarrassing the rest of us… and in the end, as we said above, a lot more lives wil be lost in Israel AND in Iran. A President afflcted with an uncontrolable ego and suffering from narsicissim and a good dose of grandiosity can be a real danger to peace. And, like a bull in a china shop, he can do a lot of damage.

J. D. Longstreet.

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